Keep Your Feet Healthy By Knowing and Avoiding Common Foot Problems

Your feet face large amounts of stress daily. Considering that they have to carry your weight for much of the day, it is easy to understand why they may develop problems in the long run.

There are many things that can go wrong with your feet, so here is a brief guide on common problems that you may encounter and how to get them treated:

Athlete’s Foot

One of the more common conditions that people face with their feet is athlete’s foot. This is a fungal infection of your feet and is usually found in the area between the toes. In the beginning, it will usually be just itchy. However, as it progresses, the infected skin begins to crack, peel, and blister.

The best way to treat athlete’s foot is to get an over-the-counter antifungal treatment. These usually come in powder and lotion form. People should also keep their feet dry and clean, with a separate towel so that the infection does not spread.

Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails happen when your toenail starts growing irregularly. This means instead of growing outward, it grows inside the nail groove. The result is that it presses into your skin and can cause pain and discomfort as it grows. If it gets really bad, the nail can result in a painful and infected wound.

Ingrown toenails are often caused by ill-fitting shoes. The pressure of the shoes on your toenails deforms the nails and affects their growth. You could also develop ingrown toenails if you don’t trim your nails regularly.

The problem with ingrown toenails is that you don’t notice anything wrong until it is too late. That is why you will need to see a podiatrist to remove the ingrown toenail and treat the wound with antibiotics.

Bunionsbunions after walk in high heels

Bunions are large bumps on the first toe joint that force your toe to turn inwards. This can be very uncomfortable when you are wearing a shoe and can lead to blisters if left untreated. These bumps are caused by a variety of things. The usual reason is wearing tight shoes, but arthritis and genetics also play a part.

Fortunately, you can easily find bunion treatment in Singapore and other cities at a podiatry clinic. This usually involves splints and custom inserts to straighten the toe out. For severe cases, podiatrists often turn to surgery to correct the problem.

Plantar Fasciitis

If the back of your feet hurt whenever you walk, then you most likely have plantar fasciitis. This is what happens when the ligament that supports the arch of your feet get inflamed. There are a variety of reasons for this, ranging from obesity to undue stress on your heels.

Luckily, this condition is easy enough to treat with some rest and the application of ice. This helps ease the swelling. To stop future occurrences of the pain, stretching and physical therapy have been found to help. Getting shoes that help support the arch of the foot has also been effective.

Many conditions can plague your feet. Fortunately, modern medicine can treat most of them. With the guide above, you should know some of the potential conditions your feet might face and the things you can do about them. Immediate treatment can help ensure that you’ll be walking comfortably in no time.

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