Oral Health and the Pandemic

The COVID-19 situation should serve as a valuable reminder to all that nothing matters more than health. If you want to feel fit as a fiddle during the pandemic, then you have to stay on top of your general health. Be sure to zero in on the condition of your teeth. Don’t forget that oral health troubles can sometimes interfere with overall wellness, after all. Thankfully, taking care of your pearly whites during the pandemic doesn’t have to be anything difficult, stressful, or taxing.

Schedule Appointments With the Dentist

Dental health is a crucial thing. That’s the reason that you shouldn’t let the pandemic stop you from going forward with your normal dental checkups. The Center for Disease Control has released guidelines for all dental practitioners to follow to make sure their patients and staff can keep visits safe, which include:

  • Infection Prevention and Control protocols
  • Performing teledentistry where possible
  • Screening of all patients

These also apply to orthodontic practitioners, for procedures like the installation of clear aligners or the adjustment of braces. You should make a point to go to the dentist a minimum of twice per year for examinations and in-depth cleaning sessions.  You should make an appointment with your dentist if you experience intense pain, bleeding, gum swelling, unusually foul breath, or anything else along those lines. The sooner you see the dentist and take care of the matter, the better.

If you have any concerns that involve the appearance of your teeth, you can ask a dentist or orthodontist for suggestions. A professional may be able to talk to you about a clear aligner that can help you discreetly take care of all kinds of frustrating and conspicuous orthodontic woes.


Think Carefully About Your Diet

A study conducted in October that surveyed more than 800 Americans found that 68% of all respondents said the quality of their diet had gone down during the pandemic. While the study notes that this may be to increased “stress eating,” just the increased amount of time that Americans are spending at home with access to snacks could also contribute.

Smart dietary choices can do a lot for people who want to steer clear of oral health concerns of all kinds. If you want to do your teeth and oral health a huge favor, you should be mindful of the things you put in your mouth on a daily basis. It can help to just say no to junk foods and drinks that are chock-full of added sugars.

It can even help to restrict food items that are overly acidic and that may contribute to the erosion of the enamel of your teeth. Think about food items that are particularly sticky, too. If you consume a lot of dried fruit, you should be careful. Dried fruit can stick to your teeth and make you a lot more vulnerable to decay, cavities, and the like.

Put a Lot of Time Into Your Oral Hygiene

You should never let quarantine be an excuse to neglect the state of your oral health. If you work from home, that’s no excuse to not brush your teeth. Brushing your teeth isn’t just about keeping bad breath in check, after all. You should make a point to diligently brush your teeth at least two times per day. Do so right after you wake up in the morning. Do so right before you go to bed in the evening as well. You should even try to brush right after you drink or eat anything throughout the course of the day. If you’re already at home due to lockdown or anything similar, then you have no reason in the world to not head to the restroom for five minutes to brush.

Make a point to floss your teeth a minimum of once per day in order to remove any and all lingering bits of food. Use mouthwash regularly, too. Ask your dentist for suggestions for suitable kinds of toothpaste and toothbrushes.

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