How to Take Care of Hair While Traveling

When a woman travels, there is one more crucial factor apart from flight tickets and hotel bookings to consider before packing their bags, and that is hair care. Similar to most women, you probably worry about your hair more than others, especially when traveling. And that’s to be expected due to the sensitivity of most types of African hair.

However, you probably won’t be able to do your full hair care routine every day while bouncing from place to place. So, how can you keep your hair safe and healthy while traveling?

Get a protective hairstyle

Sporting a protective hairstyle while traveling is the best way to save time, money, and effort throughout your trip. If you can, get in the chair and let your hairstylist give you braids, twists, or faux locks while you browse through city guides on a popular African luxury magazine. These hairstyles are classically stylish and require little maintenance. You could also go for wigs, which are excellent options if you want to look effortlessly stylish while letting your real hair thrive underneath. However, stay away from the synthetic ones as much as possible; they look incredibly fake and can be uncomfortable, especially while on the go.

Wash with conditioner only

Most shampoos contain ingredients that can dry out your hair and scalp. This is why many African-American travelers skip the shampoo while showering and wash their hair with conditioner only. Apart from being less damaging, washing your hair with conditioner only helps re-hydrate your hair and scalp after exposure to chlorine, excessive heat, and dry air.

Moisturize with oil

Olive oil and Jamaican black castor oil do an amazing job of moisturizing hair and scalp. What’s more is that they’re inexpensive, easily accessible, and extremely useful for moisturizing and holding locks.

woman holding her hair

Ditch the heat tools

If you decide to go without a protective hairstyle while traveling, bring Flexi-rods and other non-heat styling tools instead of packing your heat tools. This means no hairdryer, curling wand, flat iron, or any other tool that uses heat. Apart from saving your hair from heat damage, you’re also making your luggage a whole lot lighter by leaving these tools at home.

Bring something for bad hair days

Bad hair days are sometimes inevitable, especially while traveling where you are exposed to all sorts of weather and humidity. Don’t forget to pack a hat, head wrap, or wig to keep you looking fresh in case of a bad hair day.

Transfer products into travel-sized containers

Resist the urge to bring your whole arsenal of hair care products when traveling. Doing this will only result in additional luggage fees and a lot of extra hassle because you’re carrying so much. Transfer your hair products into travel-sized containers instead so that they don’t consume as much luggage space; you likely won’t be using up your full-sized containers on the trip anyway.

Pack a satin pillowcase or scarf

A satin pillowcase or scarf is a must-bring item regardless of the kind of hairstyle you’re sporting. Sleeping with satin around your hair will help keep the moisture in, preventing unnecessary damage and keeping your hairstyle looking fly for as long as possible.

Re-hydrate your hair after swimming

Chlorine and saltwater suck up a lot of moisture from hair and skin. After taking a dip in the pool or the ocean, be sure to re-hydrate your hair with conditioner and moisturizing oil. Better yet, lock in moisture in your locks before you go swimming to minimize water loss. The same goes for your skin–wash off the chlorine or saltwater completely and then re-hydrate with lotion or moisturizer.

These hair care tips will help keep your crown safe, healthy, and stylish throughout your trip.

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