Making Your Salon Look Bigger Than it Actually Is

Making your space look bigger is no joke. Scaling is important when trying to make a room or space look way bigger, and careful planning should be considered. You should first understand your salon — its height, width, and even weight is the ultimate key to make the salon look good and make your customers feel awesome the moment they step foot on your salon.

Today, we will talk about a few different salon tips and tricks to make your space look bigger and spacious. It all starts with the salon couches and beds, so make sure to read ahead.

Do Not Flood Your Walls

Flooding your walls with a whole lot of pictures can make it look cluttered and chaotic. If you want your space to look huge, then choose just one impactful painting or piece of art then put just that on your wall. Make it an interesting one so people would be invited to come and take a look at it.

Aside from this, your place will also look a lot more sophisticated and elegant. If you have no idea what type of artwork to hang on your wall, then consult with your art-loving friend and ask them the best piece that would compliment the whole place.

Choose a Lighter Color

Loud and bold colours can make the room look chaotic and small. Instead, you should use neutral colours such as beige, white, or even light pastel colours. Avoid painting your salon with black, dark blue, violet, or red, as this can make your space look small. Some of these colours might even induce anxiety to some customers, so make sure to steer clear of it,

Hang Your Plants

Hang your plants along the windowsill, the walls, or even on the ceiling for a more sophisticated look. Not only will this make your salon look chic and elegant, but it will also help maximize the space and make the most out of your salon. Plants will also give a homey feeling to the customers, helping them feel at ease and one with nature.

Let the Natural Light In

hairdresser in the parlor

Natural lighting can make a huge difference in rooms and small spaces. Let as much natural lighting as you can and see the room look way bigger than it really is. If your salon faces away from the sun, then consider buying lamps that provide natural lighting, Not only will this make your space look bigger, it can also make it look warmer and inviting.

Get Just One Huge Piece of Furniture

Instead of getting different pieces of furniture, you might want to buy just one huge couch instead. This will make your space look tidier and bigger, plus, it would not be that difficult to clean it since it’s just one single piece!

You just have to ensure that it would not take too much of your entire space, as this can also result in making the salon look tight.

If you really want the salon to look professional and spacious, then you would want to hire a professional interior designer for this. They would know what type of furniture to buy and where to place them to maximize the space.

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