How to Help Your Child Get Used to Braces

Teenagers have it tough. Teenage years are when most of the changes in their bodies happen and sometimes, the results are targets for ridicule. They are teased for their pimples, voice change, growth spurts, and bad teeth.

If they want to fix their crooked teeth, they need to wear metal braces for some time. Fortunately, they won’t have to wear those braces for more than two years. Once their teeth are properly positioned, they can get rid of the braces and start wearing retainers. What’s great about retainers is that they have the option of getting invisible retainers, which are hardly noticeable. Therefore, they won’t be teased as much for their looks.

Despite this, many teenagers still hesitate to get braces even though it’s the best for them. To help your child get ready, here are some tips you can follow.

The benefits

For kids to make peace with the fact that they will have metal braces soon, they need to understand why they’re getting them in the first place. Sure, they know that if they let their teeth grow without braces, it will look crooked. But they need a more detailed explanation as to why they need those braces.

It’s the anecdotes and stories that will be more effective in convincing a young person to get braces. So, tell them that those braces will prevent gum disease. And if they don’t get them, they will develop bad breath, which they surely don’t want.

 child with braces

The limitations in food

Braces are fragile instruments, so they need to be taken care of properly. One of the ways that your child can care for braces is to avoid certain foods that can break it. This means that they have to avoid eating gum, caramel, popcorn, taffy, nut, and beef jerky, among others.

A better way of helping children ease into this new way of life is to list down the foods that they can eat. Obviously, there will be more food items they can eat compared to those they can’t, so in a way, it won’t seem like a huge loss.

The cost on appearance

Obviously, wearing braces will impact their appearance. In an ideal world, they shouldn’t have to worry about looking silly wearing braces because it’s not detrimental to one’s looks. But in the real world, other children can be cruel and it’s highly likely that your kid will be ridiculed for wearing something that’s supposed to fix their teeth.

So, you need to talk to them, not just about the braces but more on how to handle bullies and bullying. They need to know that despite what other kids may say, it is within their power to feel nothing or to feel bad about the taunting.

Wearing braces is a big event for any child. It can be terrifying for some, while for others, it may be a relief because they know that after those braces their smile will be a lot more beautiful. It’s up to you to help your kid see the benefits of wearing those braces.

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