Easy Homemade Projects That The Whole Family Would Enjoy

Family projects provide opportunities for everyone in your household to bond and enjoy each other’s company. Make sure everyone can get in on the fun by tackling easy homemade projects. Whether you’re talking art, cooking, or gardening projects, there are numerous ways for your family to have fun. Are you still open to suggestions for those family projects? If so, feel free to continue below to check out our suggestions!

DIY Fairy Lanterns

The imagination of a child is unlike anything else. In their eyes, the world is full of magic, mystery, and wonder. You can appeal to your child’s unique sense of wonder by creating some DIY fairy lanterns.

Fairy lanterns are more colorful and decorative night lights often housed in mason jars. The lighting element used for fairy lanterns gives them a different feel. It truly feels like you’re staring at something magical when a fairy lantern lights up at night.

So, how do you make fairy lanterns at home? After looking up fairy lanterns online, you might have assumed they are complicated creations instead of easy homemade projects. However, the toughest part may simply be gathering the necessary materials for the project.

You want to start by preparing some mason jars. Stick to small mason jars so everyone in your family can make a personal lantern. Clean the mason jars thoroughly and make sure they have lids.

You will also need glow sticks, sturdy scissors, and some mesh for the project. The mesh is not something you have to purchase from a garage door screen manufacturer. You can order tulle online, and that should work great for the DIY fairy lanterns. Picking up additional decorations is also an option.

Fairy lanterns double as easy homemade projects because putting them together is quite simple. Once the materials are ready, you just have to cut the glow sticks open and pour their contents into the mason jars. The mesh material gives the light from the fairy lantern a more ethereal effect. You can finish off the fairy lanterns by adding the decorations you prefer.

Homemade Pizza Night

Preparing homemade food is always a great way to bond with your family. The final product will surely be a culinary delight because of everyone chipping in. You can try making all kinds of dishes with your family, but pizzas stand out as easy homemade projects. There are simple steps you can entrust to your kids without worrying about their safety in the kitchen.

The most challenging part about making a homemade pizza is preparing the dough. You can pick up readymade dough at the supermarket, but it wouldn’t be as flavorful as the one you make at home. Ingredients you’ll need for your homemade pizza dough include bread flour, yeast, salt, sugar, warm water, and olive oil.

Start by combining the bread flour, yeast, salt, and sugar in one bowl. Once the dry ingredients are combined, you can add the olive oil and warm water to the dough. Continue mixing the dough and adding flour until the mixture becomes a ball. Leave the dough ball in a bowl and cover it with some plastic so it can rise.

After the dough rises, you can deflate it with your hands and start kneading it. Continue working the dough until you get the desired shape. You can use your hands or a rolling pin to form the pizza.

Create small dough balls your kids can roll out to make personal pizzas. Allow them to choose their preferred sauces and toppings. Sharing your homemade pizzas is also highly recommended.

Remember not to dump any pizza grease down the drain following the feast. You don’t want to deal with a difficult drain clean created by pizza grease. Dispose of any waste properly to ensure the final clean-up is easy for everyone.

Family Scrapbook

Next on the list of easy homemade projects are family scrapbooks. Making a scrapbook with your family is a great idea because you can make it very personal. Aside from photos, you can fill the family scrapbook with mementos you and your children have collected over the years. Soon enough, the scrapbook will develop a unique appearance characteristic of your family’s personality.

Creating any scrapbook starts with selecting the album to be used. The most important considerations for the album are its size and binding style. 12 x 12 inches is the best size for a family album, so everyone has space for photos and decorations. There is no objectively best binding style, so choose whichever option you and your family like best.

Family scrapbooks work especially well as easy homemade projects because they just keep going. Continue adding pages as you make more wonderful memories with your family. Include photos from family vacations, special occasions, and any other standout events. Photos from a roof repair project together with a local roofer can be unconventional but still meaningful additions to the scrapbook.

Keeping your scrapbook protected is also an essential part of this particular project. You’ll want to use page protectors as they can preserve your photos and any mementos in your scrapbook. Choose page protectors that don’t have any glare so you can clearly see any pictures and letters without removing them.

You should also be mindful of where you store the family scrapbook. Any enclosed space with no moisture and consistent temperature should be able to hold your scrapbook safely. A closet with no leaks can work as your storage area.

DIY Birdhouses

Children are often fascinated by the beautiful and colorful birds flying above them. Soon enough, that fascination may develop into a full-blown love for birds. Building a birdhouse is a great way to nurture your child’s love for our feathery friends. You’re also in luck because DIY birdhouses are easy homemade projects.

Start this project by gathering the necessary materials. Materials you’ll need include wooden planks, screws, wood glue, and wood shavings. Choose cedar or pine planks because they are durable materials with good weather resistance. As for the tools, you may only have to rely on a drill, a circular saw, and a measuring tape.

Preparation is the key to building a sturdy birdhouse. Before you start gluing or screwing the planks together, you should check if they are the right size. Use the measuring tape to ensure the planks pair well with each other before making any cuts. You should also drill holes in the planks to serve as entry and drainage pathways.

You can assemble the birdhouse as soon as the planks are ready. Putting wood shavings inside the birdhouse is optional but can help the birds get comfortable. They are more likely to stay in the birdhouse if it feels like a nest and the wood shavings help.

Position the birdhouse on a tree branch to keep it safe from predators. Conducting some tree trimming may be necessary to create the space for the birdhouse. If your pet bird looks different after staying in the birdhouse, you should take it to the veterinarian. Veterinary service can determine if there’s an issue with the birdhouse that needs to be addressed before it can be your pet’s long-term home.

Homemade Bath Bombs

Bath bombs can do more than make your time in the tub more exciting. You should also consider using them because they can soothe your mind and body while detoxifying your skin. Plus, bathing in a bunch of bubbles is a lot of fun!

Finding bath bombs is easy enough these days, but why purchase them at the store when they can serve as easy homemade projects? All of the materials required to make DIY bath bombs are easy to find. Items required for DIY bath bombs are citric acid, baking soda, cornstarch, your oil of choice, water, and molds. You can also add food coloring and other aromatic ingredients to elevate the sensations created by your homemade bath bombs.

Begin by mixing the dry ingredients in one bowl and the oil and citric acid in another. Once both sets of ingredients have been incorporated, you can slowly add the liquids to the dry ingredients. Follow that by gradually introducing water into the mixture. Any aromatic ingredients should also be added at this stage.

With all the ingredients combined, you can put the individual bath bombs in molds. Allow the bath bombs to form in the molds for at least two hours. You can test the bath bombs using water from your hot water heater. Alternatively, you can throw the personalized bath bombs into the tub and start having fun right away!

Garden Planting Party

Have you been thinking of ways to make your backyard more beautiful? Instead of setting up backyard décor, you can fill your available space with new plants. Organize garden planting parties and turn those into your easy homemade projects.

Picking up a planting habit is beneficial for kids because it teaches them about patience, responsibility, and diligence. Children who learn to plant can also develop a stronger connection to nature. If your kid has yet to show an affinity for eating fruits and vegetables, their attitude may gradually change as they get more into planting.

You should also do what you can to set your child up for success as a young gardener. A big part of that is giving them the right plants to work with. Daisies, marigolds, and sunflowers are low-maintenance flowers that your kids should be able to raise properly. Watch their eyes light up as they see those flowers bloom for the first time.

There are also plenty of tasty fruits, herbs, and vegetables your child can grow in your garden. Available options include carrots, cherry tomatoes, mint, potatoes, pumpkins, and strawberries. Your child will be able to appreciate the complex flavors of those items more after growing them.

Creating a safe gardening environment for your child should also be your priority. Invest time and resources into bee & wasp removal to ensure your child can garden without being bothered by pests. You should also pick up the right pieces of gardening equipment for your kid. Letting your child use smaller pieces of gardening equipment prevents accidents.

Family Movie Night

Last but not least, we recommend organizing family movie nights if you’re looking for easy homemade projects to enjoy with your kids. Watching the movie itself is not a project. What you can do instead is turn the preparations into projects for you and your children to tackle.

For example, you and your kids can work on creating the ideal setting for movie night. You can schedule HVAC repair to guarantee your home theater is as comfortable as possible. Rearranging the heavy pieces of furniture can also be your job. Meanwhile, your kids can focus on cleaning the movie area and preparing a lint free towel for potential messes.

Selecting the movie for your event can also be an enjoyable undertaking. With so many streaming platforms available, you likely won’t be lacking choices for your movie night. You can also wait until Friday or Saturday night to have a movie marathon. Binge your favorite Marvel or “Star Wars” movies and get back in touch with your fandom.

Of course, no family movie night would be complete without snacks. Go to the supermarket with your kids to pick up healthy snacks and not-so-healthy treats. You can also take the time to prepare snacks such as popcorn, tacos, and burgers at home. The bonus of making those snacks at home is controlling their ingredients so they can be good options for growing children.

Movie night can also become your family’s weekly tradition. One member of your family can choose a movie each week. That approach is also a good way of exposing your kids to different genres of movies.

Taking on easy homemade projects is a family activity everyone in your household can enjoy. Hopefully, the suggestions highlighted in this article are terrific options for your family. You can also visit our website to check out more family-friendly activities!



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