Practices to Care For Your Garage Door

In the “How to Perform Preventative Maintenance on Your Garage Door” YouTube video, Derek McConnell underscores the importance of annual garage door maintenance for optimal functionality and longevity. The comprehensive maintenance process involves disconnecting the motor, checking the balance, and lubricating various components using a petroleum-based lubricant.

McConnell demonstrates the proper lubrication of critical parts, including the roller shaft, the slit on the all-window track, ball bearings in the eyelets, torsion springs, and cones of the springs. Emphasizing the need to avoid over-oiling and to steer clear of the track, he highlights the significance of reducing system noise and prolonging the lifespan of components through proper lubrication.

The speaker recommends addressing squeaky or noisy areas during maintenance, asserting that over-maintenance is not harmful, while under-maintenance can result in a less enjoyable system and reduced part durability, especially for those with living spaces above the garage.

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It is also advised that users check for loose bolts and other issues during the maintenance process.

To facilitate the local garage door maintenance process, it is suggested to re-engage the motor and run it through a few cycles, allowing the new lubrication to work into the system effectively. Additionally, annual maintenance services and lubricants are for sale at their dealership, providing users with a convenient solution to ensure their garage doors remain in optimal condition.

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