Cat Ownership: What You Need to Know Before Owning a Cat

Cats are one of the most loving pets in the world. They are one of the first domesticated mammal species, and they enjoy living with human beings. However, domestic felines have lost most of their traits to fend for themselves. This is why they require a lot of attention and care.
We love cats, and the statistics show it. The US has the most cat ownership worldwide. Moreover, we have more cats than dogs in the country. They are also more popular as pets in many other countries globally. This is because cats are timider than dogs, and well, they aren’t all that energetic. However, kittens are pretty similar to puppies when it comes to personality.

Care and Attention for Kittens

Kittens are hyperactive and can act like they are puppies sometimes. They enjoy nibbling, even if their adult counterparts don’t do it as much. Moreover, they like scratching on stuff more than dogs. Kittens are a headache to have, but they’re just so adorable.
However, it’s essential to know that having a cat is a lifetime commitment before you get one. Most cats can live longer than dogs. On average, a healthy and well-cared cat can live for twenty years! That’s a long time caring for a pet. So if you don’t think you can make this commitment, you shouldn’t own a cat.
But for those who are willing to go through thick and thin with their fur baby, read on. We will talk about what you need to prepare before owning a cat.

Kitten-proof Your Home

Kittens, much like puppies, are curious creatures. They love exploring the world around them. However, unlike puppies, kittens love scratching on things. So if you want your home to be protected from them, then you’re going to need to kitten-proof it.
Kitten-proofing your home is going to protect your kitten as much as it will protect your home. Ensure wires are wrapped around foam if your kitten enjoys nibbling on them. To protect precious your décor and wallpaper, make sure to install a scratching post for them to scratch on. If you want to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, you should also have cat litter.

These are just a few ways you can kitten-proof your home. First, inspect your home and consider what is dangerous to your kitten, and kitten-proof them immediately.

Don’t Declaw Them

Declawing kittens and dogs are becoming a popular procedure nowadays. It removes the hassle of scratching and damage to people’s properties. Moreover, it reduces the chance of someone being mauled by them. However, you should not declaw your kitten under any circumstance.
Cat claws can be particularly sharp, but that doesn’t mean you should take a precious part of their body away from them. They require claws for balance and for grasping things. Moreover, they need it for protection. They might have problems with mobility if you declaw them. Additionally, it’s considered to be animal cruelty in some countries. So we suggest that you don’t do it to your cat unless it’s completely necessary.
It’s better to clip and trim their nails to ensure they can’t hurt anybody. Furthermore, it’s better to train them and keep them away from strangers who are too eager to touch your cat.

Keep Your Kitten Indoors

Kittens might want to explore the world outside their home, but it’s a dangerous world for them out there, especially if you’re not around to watch over them.
Your kitten needs to stay indoors if you don’t want them to catch feline viruses that can be fatal to them. This is vital for kittens that haven’t gotten their shots yet. Furthermore, keeping your kitten indoors can stop them from getting lost. However, ensure that your kitten’s collar has a bell in it so that they’ll be easier to find in moments they can find themselves outside your home.

Moving Your Kitten

Americans move homes more often than any other population in the world. If you’re planning to move, then you’re going to need help from professionals to move your beloved pet with you. Having a confined cat inside your vehicle during the move is just going to be a headache for you. So plan your move and contact your local pet moving service to help you out.

Cat Ownership Isn’t Easy.
cat eating his food

It’s okay to tell yourself that cat ownership isn’t easy, from what you’ve learned so far. However, it is one of the most rewarding things you can ever experience. Kittens can be kind creatures when you raise them properly. They can be very loving as well. So don’t be scared of owning one now that you know.

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