What’s the Best Morning Beverage? Your Top Options

When starting your day off right, nothing is more essential than the perfect morning beverage. Not only can a tasty and refreshing cup of coffee, tea, or other hot beverage provide you with the ideal pick-me-up to get going in the morning, but they also provide numerous health benefits.

However, coffee and tea are not the only options. There are plenty of other options, with studies showing that each has unique benefits.

No matter what kind of morning beverage you decide on – coffee, tea, or something else – it’s important to remember that when enjoyed responsibly, they can all offer fantastic health benefits while providing a delicious way for you to kick-start your day! Here are your best options for picking the excellent morning beverage for your day.


Coffee has always been a trendy morning beverage that can provide a great pick-me-up and boost your energy levels for the rest of your day. It contains beneficial compounds, such as antioxidants and caffeine, which can help improve focus and concentration. Regular coffee consumption is also associated with reducing inflammation, improving cognitive function, and preventing certain types of cancer.

You can make coffee at home with a few tools. Here are some of the things you might need to help you:

Coffee Grinder

To make fresh coffee, you’ll want to use a coffee grinder. It grinds the beans just before brewing, which helps improve flavor and strength.

Coffee Maker

There are many coffee makers out there, each with unique features. Some popular types include French press, automatic drip coffee maker, espresso machine, and single cup brewers.

Coffee Filters

Ground coffee beans can be put into a filter and then placed in the coffee maker. This helps keep sediment out of your cup and extract more flavor from the beans. It might be a more manual process, but it is worth it.


While coffee may be the most popular morning beverage, tea has been around for centuries and remains a favorite of many. Tea is full of antioxidants, which help to protect your cells from free radicals that can cause damage to your body. Tea also helps calm and relax you due to its natural properties (L-theanine). Some studies even suggest it could improve heart health over time.

The best thing about tea is that it comes in several different flavors for a person to enjoy. Here are some that prove popular as morning picks:

Green Tea

Green tea is an excellent pick for those looking for a healthier morning drink. It’s full of antioxidants and has the potential to help lower cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure, and improve brain function, making it an ideal choice for those who want to stay healthy.

Earl Grey Tea

This tea has a unique flavor and aroma, making it an excellent pick for those who like something a little bold. In addition to its taste, it’s also full of antioxidants which can help protect against diseases.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known for its calming effects, making it an ideal choice for those who want something to relax before starting their day. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it even more beneficial, reducing swelling and promoting healing.

Juice or Smoothies

A morning kale smoothie

If you’re looking for a morning beverage that is both refreshing and healthy, then look no further than juice or smoothies. Juices are packed with vitamins and minerals and can help kick-start your day in an energizing way. Smoothies combine fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other ingredients to create a delicious meal replacement or snack.

These drinks are excellent sources of hydration while providing countless health benefits, such as improving immune function, aiding digestion, and even preventing certain diseases like cancer.

Milk Tea

Last but not least is milk tea. A combination of black and green tea leaves, it’s rich in antioxidants and can reduce inflammation. It is also rich in calcium and protein, making it an excellent beverage for those looking to stay healthy. The best part about milk tea is that you can customize it with different flavors like honey or cinnamon, which adds to the deliciousness.

However, you might want to get it on your way to work, as most of the best milk teas come from specialty stores. The Baa Baa Thai Tea milk tea option is a popular choice for many. It has a creamy flavor and is topped with tapioca pearls, making it an irresistible treat.

Final Thoughts

No matter your preference, there are plenty of morning beverages out there that are both refreshing and beneficial. Whether you want something to kick-start your day or just relax before heading out into the world, you now have all the information needed to make the perfect choice for your morning beverage! So get up, grab a cup, and enjoy!

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