7 Fast Tips for Bat Control

Bats spark an image of vampires and often freak people out. Bats, while beneficial for insect control, can pose risks. Unfortunately, bats seek warmth and houses are a natural destination during hibernation. Let’s review a few tips for bat control.

1. Mirrors

The strategic placement of mirrors can reflect the sun and distract bats as they attempt to engage with your home.

2. Professional Team

This method can be expensive. However, once an infestation occurs, it is too late to attack the problem without help.

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3. Investigate Exterior

Regularly checking out the exterior of your home is essential. You can cover holes and other areas of entry that may erode or seals break.

4. Repellents

Explore bat repellents such as naphthalene mothballs. Place them strategically to discourage bats from roosting in unwanted areas.

5. Control Insect

Bats are natural insect predators. Keep their population in check by controlling insect infestations around your property.

6. Bat Nets

Install bat nets over potential entry points to exclude them from roosting areas. Ensure the nets are secure and won’t harm the bats.

7. Essential Oils

Bats are sensitive to strong scents. Use essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus near entry points to deter them.

Implementing these tips can help safeguard your home while respecting these creatures. If bat issues persist, consult with professionals for humane and effective solutions.

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