4 Things People Get Wrong about Hair Transplants

Man pointing to his balding head

Over the last few years, hair transplant procedure has proven its success. But even if that’s the case, a lot of people are still reluctant to go through this method. This is all due to the things they assume to know about hair transplantation.

Unfortunately, half of those things are far from the truth. To clarify the misconceptions about this procedure, here are a list of facts to debunk those.

Hair Transplant Are for Men Only

This is among the most popular misconception surrounding hair transplantation. Most people assume that men are the only ones eligible to undergo this procedure. This is because they assume that pattern baldness is only common among men. The truth, however, is that everyone can suffer from this condition. Everyone, meaning both men and women, can experience this. With that, it is safe to say that hair transplant can be used by anyone who wants to treat their hair loss.

Hair Transplant Can Be Fatal

One of the reasons why people are hesitant about trying this procedure is what they assume as the amount of risks involved. Whereas, there’s little to none at all. Surgeons who perform this procedure need license and certification before they can practice. This treatment has been medically proven and approved for years. So there isn’t much to worry about. It’s just a matter of choosing the right person to perform it.

Hair Will Grow in an Instant after Surgery

man getting a hair transplant surgery

It takes a good three to four weeks for your scalp to fully recover from the surgery. During that period, you’ll experience hair fall, but don’t worry it’s normal. Your body and scalp is trying to adjust to the transplanted roots. Once the blood supply becomes permanent, you can expect your hair to start growing. It usually takes between two to six months for the roots to grow. Then after that, you can look forward to a healthier and thicker hair.

A Donor Is Needed to Go Through Surgery

Although many might assume that way, there’s no need to look for someone else. The donor grafts will be extracted from you. Surgeons will harvest it on parts of your body usually from the thigh area or legs. If the hair is from another person, there’s a big chance your body will reject it.

During your initial visit to a hair transplant clinic, this will be discussed to you immediately. That’s why it’s advisable that you talk to your doctor about it. This way they could explain how the process works and guide you throughout the procedure.

When it comes to hair transplant procedure, it’s best to not make any assumptions. Rather than believing what you heard or read, talking to a hair doctor is the best course of action for you. Be more educated on this matter and do your own research. Better yet, have all your queries be addressed by the surgeon themselves.

You may also opt to read online medical journals to get a better understanding about it. You may also take advantage of the free online consultations of some hair transplant clinics.

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