Yogi-Approved Tips for Improving Your Yoga Poses

woman doing yoga at the beachSo, you have finally discovered the beauty of yoga and want to start your journey to a better and fitter you. Now that you are planning to go on a yoga cleanse retreat, it is about time to polish your skills by preparing for it beforehand. To help you get yourself ready, here are a few tips.

Strengthen Your Wrists

Although yoga helps improve joint strength, working on your wrist strength helps maintain its power. One way is to do a few planks and down dog poses. Doing these a few times a week can improve your yoga stands during your classes.

Avoid Heavy Meals

It is best not to eat anything heavy before going to a yoga class. Yoga exercises can be demanding, especially on beginners. So, completing an entire session with a full stomach will only make you feel sick. However, you can have a light snack an hour or two before your yoga class so that you will not get hungry. Choose foods that are easy to digest and think of combinations of carbohydrates with small amounts of protein and fibre for energy.

Bring Yoga-Specific Clothes

You need to ensure that you are wearing your yoga attire every time you attend class. It is best to choose clothes that are stretchable enough to keep you comfortable while you do various poses. In addition, it is best not to wear loose clothing, as it may get caught on your limbs while doing your session.

Do Warm-Up Exercises

Although there is no need to get yourself warmed up before your yoga class, you can always do a couple of warm-up poses to help you get started. This will prepare you for the course and can even make you look like you already have a few experiences with yoga.

Learn Through Observation

When you are only starting out learning a few basic poses, it is okay to glance around others to see what they are doing. You should also listen for verbal cues as the instructor describes how to perform each stand. Although a few yoga poses almost look identical, performing micro-adjustments will help improve your poses.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

yoga buddies

One of the essential tips that you need to remember when attending your first few yoga classes is to ask questions. If it is about the poses or the entirety of the yoga culture, then asking students that are more experienced will be able to help you out with any of your questions. Meanwhile, questions about the right postures are best directed toward the instructor during or after class.

These are a few of the tips that you need to remember to help you improve your yoga poses. It is always best to work closely with your yoga instructor so that you will have the right level of guidance that you need. Bear in mind that relaxation is a vital part of your yoga practice. That is why it is best not to leave the class early so you can take a savasana before you go.

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