What to Think About Before Handing That Job Offer Out

As a CEO or manager of the company, you most likely are often tempted to hand that job offer to the candidates who are just like you. They might have the same principles as you when it comes to working, or you simply see yourself in them, which is what makes you eager and excited to have them sign that contract.

However, hiring a person who’s just like you is not exactly the brightest idea. Besides, you already have that person in the company — you — so why would you need another set of hands that does exactly what you do?

Below, we will discuss some of the things that you should remember before handing that job offer to a candidate. Whether you are looking for people who are in the lookout for day cook jobs offshore in Lafayette, LA, or you are in need of an engineer, these things will surely help you when it comes to finding the right employee for the job.

Ask the HR Team

You should never make a decision alone, especially when it comes to the company and hiring employees. Have at least three or more people interview the candidates and ask them for their opinions and recommendations.

If you are looking for day cooks, then have the other chefs interview them. The HR personnel should also be able to talk to them and ask them questions. After everyone is done with the interview, gather around and see what everyone thought of each and every candidate.

See if They Fit Within Your Culture

It is important to hire people who will fit within your company’s culture. You definitely should be open for diversity and of course, you are looking for people who are skilled and intelligent, but their attitude counts a whole lot, too.

See if the way they act around you is the same with how they act when interviewed by people with less important positions. If they talk to you in a polite manner but they talk to the other employees in an ill-mannered way, then chances are they are not good team players and would not be able to adapt to the environment. Always look for people who are willing to socialize and share their skills with their comrades.

Make Sure That They Will Deliver

Some people are so good with words that they can sometimes be deceiving. Hearing promises from a candidate can make you feel like they are the best fit for the position, but are you sure that they will be able to deliver?

This is the reason why doing a background check is very important. Consider calling the previous employers, as well as their references to see if they were able to perform well with their previous jobs. Ask a couple of questions and see if they really keep their promises.

Think a Couple of Times

Reviewing the resume

You might think that you have found the right candidate, but you might want to check those CVs again. You might have missed an important skillset or information the first time, so go ahead and revisit their documents to see if you really chose the right person.

Talk with the HR team and discuss these CVs and portfolios with them. Discuss what you’ve all heard from the candidate and see if everything they said were all accurate.

Recruitment is a difficult process and you cannot guarantee that you will be hiring the right person every single time. However, if you follow these tips, then you’d most likely end up with a star employee.

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