What Does a Cosmetic Laser Technician Do?

woman getting a laser treatmentSkincare centers offer various types of services to address the different needs of their clientele. They employ dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, tattoo artists and laser technicians. These people have their own specializations, providing services according to what the clients want.

Some people visit skincare centers to seek treatments and remedies for their aging skin. Others seek hair removal sessions. Some want to know more about cosmetic tattoo services, such as permanent makeup and micropigmentation.

This is why it is very important for these establishments to hire only the best people with the right credentials. They also offer training on scalp micropigmentation (SMP) for their cosmetic tattoo specialists and certifications for their cosmetic laser technicians to keep them updated with the latest trends in their respective fields.

Services of Cosmetic Laser Technicians

Cosmetic laser technicians are the ones working on laser equipment for body hair removal, skin tightening and minimizing wrinkles. Being licensed aestheticians, they are supposed to meet with clients to improve their skincare problems and meet with the supervising medical doctor to discuss the most appropriate forms of treatment.

They are also great skincare specialists who build lasting relationships with their clients. Cosmetic laser technicians can recommend skincare products for their clients’ current skin problems. They can also give tips for taking care of their clients’ skin.

After discussing with a supervising medical doctor, cosmetic professionals may refer clients to a skincare specialist or a dermatologist for further assessment. They are also the ones responsible for ensuring that the equipment is sterilized and that the treatment area is hygienic and clean.

Skills of Cosmetic Laser Technicians

Cosmetic laser technicians need to be skilled at using laser equipment. This is a very crucial skill to master so that they can perform the proper treatment and ensure the safety of their clients at all times.

Cleanliness is always expected from laser technicians so that clients will be comfortable and trusting of the services that they provide.

Being on the service-providing industry, laser technicians must develop good interpersonal and listening skills to understand their clients well. They must be observant of the changes in the areas under treatment and the condition of the clients during each procedure to prevent untoward incidents.

Why Train to Become a Cosmetic Laser Technician?

woman receiving a laser treatment

This career is relatively new and still evolving. It can be a fulfilling and exciting job taking care of people and their skincare concerns. Becoming a cosmetic laser technician is a practical move. You can opt to pursue a certification or get courses in this field because it does not take many years to complete. Joining this fast-growing profession will give you the advantage of gaining skills and being known in the industry.

The work environment of cosmetic laser technicians is usually in a medical spa and supervised by a doctor. They may also render specialized services for salons as well as beauty spas. The workspace is clean, hygienic and well lighted. And since most of their work requires them to stay standing up, cosmetic laser technicians also need to be physically fit.

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