The Signs of Thyroid Issues to Look Out For

Woman undergoing a thyroid ultrasoundThe thyroid is a small gland that plays an important role in regulating human metabolism. Proper metabolism affects different functions of the body, and when there is a problem with the thyroid a lot of things will change.

Not many people are even aware that they have thyroid problems until the case becomes serious. There are many causes that can be attributed to thyroid dysfunction, such as iodine deficiency and a stressful lifestyle. The condition is said to be more prevalent in women than in men. In Las Vegas and other parts of NV, patients with thyroid problems are advised to see an endocrinologist or an expert in metabolism for treatment.

Thyroid problems may lead to hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism if not checked and treated early. Hyperthyroidism happens when the thyroid starts producing too much of the hormone it produces. This will lead to an active metabolism and the continuous weight loss of a person. It could also happen when there is too little hormone being produced, thus the metabolism becomes slow and people suffering from this condition will gain weight.

Aside from weight issues, there are other common signs of thyroid problems that you should be aware of. It pays to know these signs and symptoms so you can seek treatment right away. Here are a few tell-tale signs of thyroid problems:

Fatigue and Muscle Pains

The thyroid gland is known to regulate the metabolism and the body’s energy levels. People who become uncharacteristically tired all the time and lack of energy to conduct daily chores might have issues with their thyroid. Fatigue and lack of energy are common symptoms of Postpartum thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and thyroid nodules.

Weight Issues

Sudden weight gain or weight loss can also be associated with a dysfunctional thyroid. Other weight issues range from the inability to lose weight, gaining weight without changes in the diet or activity, losing weight without exercise or dieting, or even when eating more than the usual.

Fertility Issues

Women may be surprised to know that thyroid dysfunction can affect fertility and menstrual cycle. Infrequent or heavier menstruation, as well as general infertility, may be pointing towards thyroid issues. In extreme cases, thyroid problems may lead to miscarriage.

Neck Discomfort

Woman holding the back of her neckNeck stiffness, uncomfortable neck swelling, and discomfort are other signs of thyroid issues. It may also be accompanied by a hoarse voice, or voice that becomes deeper and raspy. Swollen thyroid may also become visible and soft to touch.

Inconsistent Bowel Movement

A person with thyroid issues may also experience prolonged constipation or frequent upset stomach. Sudden changes or ongoing inconsistent bowel movement is another sign of a dysfunctional thyroid.

Mood Changes and Sleep Issues

Extreme depression, panic attacks, and anxiety may also be signs of a thyroid problem. Depression, which does not alleviate despite taking a prescription antidepressant, is one symptom to look out for. Thyroid sufferers may also experience sleep issues such as insomnia or feeling lethargic and sleepy despite getting eight to 10 hours of sleep.

Other Signs of Thyroid Problems

It is more common with women to notice hair problems, such as coarse hair, brittle hair, and hair fall when they have a thyroid problem. The skin also becomes scaly and dry to thin and tender.

People with a history of thyroid problems in the family are more at risk, so they have to be more vigilant in watching for the early signs of this ailment. It is best to consult with the family doctor immediately should any signs or symptoms are suspected to get know possible treatments available.

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