Read This Before Getting Your Tattoo Removed

laser tattoo removalAriana Grande’s barbecue grill tattoo has made headlines that have people sharing their own tattoo fail stories. Instead of tattooing the Japanese characters for 7 Rings, which is her latest single, the singer instead tattooed the Kanji characters which translate to a small barbecue grill.

While she has corrected the mistake by adding other characters, some people are not so lucky with their own inks and mistakes. Fortunately, there are tattoo removal clinics in Utah that can help you have a clean slate, literally.

However, due to misconceptions about scarring, pain, and ineffectiveness of the procedure, a lot of people choose to just live with their mistakes. But, informed research will tell you that failed tattoo removal stories do not always happen and that there are more success stories than failed ones.

Here are some facts worth noting that can help you be more at ease with the procedure.

1. Working with a professional is ideal.

You might have heard stories about people’s skin having keloid and discoloration after a tattoo removal process. These things happen largely because of the fact that the removal process was made by a non-medical professional using the wrong method and equipment.

Thus, the first step to making sure that you get the result that you want is to work with a medical professional.

2. You need to have a budget.

The tattoo removal process is more expensive than getting inks because it requires the use of different technology and process that goes deep down the skin to ensure regeneration and removal of the colored pigments.

Plus, it is not something that can be done with one visit. Thus, it pays to be financially prepared once you decide to have it removed.

Tattoo artist takes an orange paint for black and red tattoo

3. It will be painful.

You have gone through the pain of getting a tattoo inked in your skin. Removing it would require a similar tolerance to needles and pain.

Although most tattoo removal process is done through the latest laser technology, the fact that it penetrates deep down your skin to break down pigments of ink means pain and discomfort is inevitable.

4. It will take a lot of sessions.

Some people will take only two sessions to have their tattoo removed while others will have as much as 10. The number of sessions would depend on different factors like color, age, skin type, etc. Thus, it pays to discuss with your doctor regarding this before getting it done.

5. Complete removal is possible.

Some people opt to have the procedure to lighten their tattoo to be able to overlap it with a new one. Then there are others who want to have no evidence of their past mistakes.

Both can be achieved. Complete removal might take time (and money), but it is possible, especially with the latest technology available in the country.

Tattoo removal is as much of a commitment as getting one. It can also seem overwhelming. But if you have the right preparation and work with the right professional, you would be able to have the results that you need and have clean skin, literally.

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