Long Layover? Here’s How to Make the Most of Waiting for Your Next Flight

Flights with long layovers are usually cheaper than direct flights, but several travelers would rather pay more to spend less time at the airport. For them, being in the airport for hours is a waste of time when they could already enjoy their destination.

If you can’t afford to splurge on a direct flight, you don’t have to agonize over seemingly endless hours waiting for your next trip. Instead of killing time by walking around the airport or lounging around the waiting area, why not do any of these to make your layover more memorable?

Research Your Layover Destination

Airports house a variety of passengers, from those leaving the country of origin to those waiting for their next flight in a layover. For this reason, airports offer various services, from shopping centers to restaurants.

Research the airport where you’ll be having the layover and discover what activities to do. For example, Changi Airport offers beautiful attractions, a cinema, and an entertainment deck. Heathrow Airport has facilities for art, shopping, and fitness. Find out the facilities that interest you and make it a point to visit them during your layover.

Stock Up on Entertainment

Once you know how long you have to stay in the layover, figure out what else you should bring to pass the time. You could download various e-books or compile a layover playlist. That way, you have plenty of things to keep you occupied even if you decide to kill time in the airport lounge.

Find Your Next Gate

Figure out where your next flight takes off from, especially if you’re flying a different airline. The next gate might be far away, so finding it right away saves you the time from panicking during your boarding time.


Get a Room in a Transfer Hotel

Air travel usually makes you feel exhausted because of factors like compression and elevation. If you are spending more than half a day for your next flight, you might as well spend the next few hours relaxing. If you don’t have access to the airline’s lounge, consider booking a hotel room. You’ll find a variety of hotels offering a few hours’ stay for passengers. They also provide facilities like restaurants and gyms.

Consider Seeing the Sights

Some airports offer affordable and fast transportation to the city, giving you an incredible chance to see the sights before your next flight. Take advantage of your time by researching how to get to and from the city and what to see and do during your short trip.

Before considering exploring outside the airport, double-check your visa requirements. While some countries will allow you to leave the airport quickly, others will require you to go through immigration before allowing you to explore.

You’ll also need to go through security again if you leave the airport, so make sure your carry-on is easy to bring. Be flexible with your itinerary, don’t overstay, and don’t hesitate to ask help from locals when you need it.


Sometimes you don’t have the budget to pay for a direct flight, leaving you with an hours-long layover. When this happens, you don’t have to agonize over waiting for your next flight. Instead, use these suggestions to make your layover as memorable as your upcoming trip.

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