Lifestyle Trends That Do Harm on Your Health Than Good

Your kind of lifestyle can have a direct impact on your health. You might already be aware that vices, staying inactive and investing in junk, processed, and fast foods can be detrimental to your health. But what about seemingly great habits that do more harm to your overall well-being?

It is true that not everything that has seemingly good effects cannot have its cons. Keeping an active lifestyle puts you at greater risk for specific injuries. For instance, lifting weights can end up in a sprained ankle, broken elbow, even wrist and neck injuries.

The question is, what popular lifestyle trends are more harmful to your health? Here are five examples worth mentioning.

Fashion Braces

Many people dreamed of having American teeth. This is the term often used to describe perfectly straight pearly whites usually achieved by wearing braces. While this could mean a few years’ worth of pain and discomfort, many would consider this a very worthy investment.

But some people like seeing themselves wearing braces for non-therapeutic purposes. They usually use braces as a symbol of wealth and fashion. Many would even invest in DIY fashion braces so that they can rock the look.

This is why it would be best to consult with a licensed and trusted dentist before doing anything with your teeth. This is why consumers should invest time in looking for a trusted dental clinic like Metrodental. There is more you need to know before improving your smile.


Yoga is a great way to achieve better physical fitness, flexibility, strength, and a healthier state of mind. It gives you the opportunity to embrace self-reflection while being more aware of your own self and needs. But who knew that yoga could also have bad effects on your health?

According to a study, one in five people experienced at least one adverse effect while practicing yoga. One out of ten experienced chronic adverse effects while doing yoga. Most of the time, these are people who only do yoga without any supervision.

One of the usual injuries sustained from self-study yoga is musculoskeletal effects. The good news is most people enjoyed a full recovery after the incident. This is doing yoga with the supervision of a yoga expert is always a better idea.


For some people, quitting smoking meant turning to “safer” alternatives like e-cigarettes and vaping. These days, more people are enjoying vapes than cigarettes. The problem is, while smoking is generally more harmful than vaping, the latter still is not a safe alternative.

Studies show that vapes include a food additive called Diacetyl, which helps deepen the flavor. While this is known to damage small passageways found in the lungs, manufacturers still make use of Diacetyl to enhance the taste of vaping.

Some vape products also contain THC. This chemical found in marijuana can cause an inflammatory response and even psychological effects. Your healthiest option is to quit smoking and vaping altogether.

Vitamin Intake


Many people consider taking vitamins a great way to boost their health and wellness. They do this to ensure they get their daily dose of essential nutrients. But like what they always say, anything too much can have ill effects on your health.

Many people take too many vitamin supplements they don’t even need in the first place. Taking excessive amounts of any vitamin can lead to vitamin toxicity. This can lead to weight loss, stomach pain, appetite loss, and even intestinal bleeding.

Before taking any vitamins, it is best to consult your doctor first. This is since your required doses can depend on your individual needs. If you have a specific medical condition, your lifestyle and diet make you more prone to certain vitamin deficiencies.

Kegel Exercises

Pelvic floor exercises or kegel exercises are a great way to strengthen the muscles in y our pelvic floor. These muscles are responsible for supporting your bladder, uterus, small intestine, and rectum. Doing kegel exercises enables you to pass gas easily, avoid bladder leaks, and even improve your orgasms.

Some people won’t benefit from kegel exercises. This is especially true for people with underlying physiological issues. Such activities can even worsen symptoms or predispose them to certain pelvic floor disorders.

Kegel exercise can be bad if your problem is overactivity. This can also be bad if you incorrectly perform kegel exercises. This is why it helps to seek expert guidance before starting or pursuing kegel exercises.

This list goes to show that not all seemingly great things have no cons. It makes sense to consult the experts if you want to ensure that your lifestyle fits your health and wellness goals. This is the only way to ensure you live the best way possible.

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