Face the Facts: These Are the Injuries that Most Athletes Encounter

footballer having an injuryThe sporting world is one of the most competitive fields as far as skill and physical prowess are concerned. The competition is so tight and hotly contested that injuries unavoidable happen especially when athletes achieve something bordering on the impossible feats of human strength and endurance.

Some life-threatening injuries that Arizona athletes encounter may require physical rehabilitation in Chandler. The most common sports injuries that require rehabilitation include Achilles tendon rupture, sprains and strains, acute and chronic muscular injuries, tendonitis, and broken bones.

Find out more about these injuries:

Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon runs from your calf muscles to your heel bone. Constant movement may cause the overextension of the Achilles tendon, resulting in it partially or completely tearing apart. As a result, the painful injury requires surgery and rehabilitation.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains may occur with the overstretching of ligaments, the short band of tough but flexible fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones or cartilage or even hold together a joint.

A strain refers to pulling a muscle or tendon like when someone puts load that is too much for the muscle to carry. Chronic strain is the result of overuse of a particular muscle. Examples are the pitching arm of a baseball pitcher or the arm that a tennis player uses in serving the tennis ball.

Muscular Damage

Acute and chronic muscular injuries are the result of repetitive use of a particular muscle over a considerable length of time. It can also result from poor flexibility, the lack or absence of warming-up before physical activity, and poor conditioning.

Contrary to common belief, this type of injury is not only the result of rigorous physical activity. It may also occur when someone lifts a heavy object while in an awkward position. It can even happen when someone slips and loses their footing. Additionally, it is something far more common in colder temperatures because muscles tend to be stiffer in this type of climate.


Tendonitis refers to the inflammation of the tendon. A common form of tendonitis is Achilles tendonitis. It can be the result of using ill-fitting shoes. It can also happen due to the heavy strain, rigorous physical activity, and competitive sports. Tendonitis may result in extreme pain and loss of sleep.

Broken Bones

physical therapist doing massage on child leg

Broken bones may be the result of a fall or a slip or strenuous physical activity in the field of contact sports. These include intense sports like wrestling or football. In severe cases, surgery is the only option followed by physical rehabilitation. With state of the art facilities and equipment and highly trained staff, all bases can be covered when you need total rehabilitation for any injuries that requires such.

When coming from an injury that requires rehabilitation, you have to address it immediately before the injury gets worse. You have to undergo consistent physical rehabilitation to get yourself back in one piece and return to your normal way of living — or training. Just make sure you choose the right rehabilitation clinic.

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