Extreme Outdoor Activities to Try After Getting Your Vaccine

After all the lockdowns and stress caused by the pandemic, nothing feels better than getting fully vaccinated. While the shots don’t make you immune to contracting the virus, it stops you from getting sick, so you may already take off your mask when you go to uncrowded open spaces. However, most health protocols in the Philippines haven’t been lifted yet, so still, bring your mask when you go out.

And when you’re ready to meet mother nature again, seek some thrill-inducing activities to feed your daredevil soul. We still recommend outdoor activities because open spaces remain safer than air-conditioned indoor spaces until we’ve completely eradicated the virus.

That said, here’s to a healthier second half of 2021, which deserves to be celebrated through these exhilarating outdoor activities:

1. Spelunking

Spelunking is another term for caving. This popular recreational activity lets you explore mysterious caves or grottos, but you won’t just walk and admire the sights. You may also need to climb, squeeze, or crawl your way through narrow passages. Spelunking isn’t for the claustrophobic.

If you’re a little uneasy about tight spaces but would love to try this activity anyway, you can rappel down different cave levels, zip lines, or even dive underwater instead. Spelunking is most popular in Sagada, where more than 60 stunning caves are open for exploration. The biggest of them all is the Sumaguing Cave. It’s filled with breathtaking stalagmites, stalactites, colossal rock formations, and steep descents. It’s also considered the deepest cave in the Philippines.

2. Shipwreck Diving

The idea of seeing sunken ships up close maybe eerie but can be fascinating all the same. In Coron, Palawan alone, there are more than ten shipwrecks within diving distance, so it makes sense to assume that there’s probably more, only they’re too deep underwater for divers to see. However, most shipwreck diving sites in Coron require you to have an advanced certification, so consider taking professional diving lessons beforehand. In the meantime, satisfy your hunger for nature by exploring the amazing coral reefs of Coron, where you might spot up to seven species of marine turtles.

desert tent

3. Sandboarding

Let’s get back on land and try something normally done on snowy terrains: sandboarding. It’s the same as snowboarding but done on the sand dunes of Paoay, Ilocos Norte. You can board the sands standing up or lying on your belly. ATV and 4×4 riding are also available and are often included in Ilocos tour packages.

4. Canyon Swing

Now let’s go up to the sky, and plunge into a river for some heart-stopping adventure. Canyon swing is the closest alternative to bungee jumping the Philippines has. Instead of jumping from a platform, you’ll hang by your feet and be dropped from a 200-meter tall starting point. For around 4 seconds, you’ll be free-falling, then swing about 100 meters wide around the canyon. It’s definitely more intense than bungee jumping. You can experience Canyon swing in Danao Adventure Park in Bohol.

5. Cliff Diving

Since we’re now talking about jumps, let’s try actually free-falling this time, but not from a 200-meter height. If you haven’t tried cliff diving yet, this is the sign that you should. You’ll leap from a cliff of no more than 30 feet, so it’s way less intense than the canyon swing.

For first-timers, some ideal cliff-diving destinations are Salagdoong beach in Siquijor, Fortune Island in Batangas, Tangadan Falls in La Union, and Siitan River in Quirino. If you’ve got a bit of experience, dare dive in Buho Rock, Cebu, where the plunge is 20 to 30 feet low.

Fun fact: Did you know that removing your body hair can make you swim faster? If you’re afraid of not being able to break into the surface fast enough after diving, consider shaving your body hair. Competitive swimmers shave much of their body hair before a big competition.

Smooth skin mimics the feeling of wearing a special swimsuit, as it increases your water sensitivity. If you’d like to try removing your body hair, go to a company’s laser hair removal FAQ page to find the information you need if you want to stay hairless and smooth for a longer time.

Enjoying the outdoors will benefit your mental health, which you surely need after putting up with a year of uncertainty. Extreme outdoor activities help you release stress, spike your adrenaline, and cause a sense of liberation. Thankfully, the Philippines has plenty of natural wonders where daredevils like you can find sanctuary.

Again, continue bringing your mask and wearing them where it’s required. Getting vaccinated isn’t your cue to abandon health protocols, so stay compliant. Your cooperation will help your country reach herd immunity as soon as possible.

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