9 Essentials To Pack For Your Honeymoon

Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to start making new memories as a married couple. It marks a new chapter in your life, with a promise of great and exciting things ahead. You want to make sure you and your partner have a lovely time, without having to deal with life’s worries, even for a little while.

To prepare for the trip, be sure not to overpack and pack smart instead. Don’t miss any essentials! Here’s a checklist to help make your honeymoon as memorable as possible.

Sleeping Mask and Earplugs

As they say, you can’t control everything around you, but you can control your reaction. Maybe you skimped on plane tickets to make the most of your honeymoon vacation (which is pretty smart, by the way), and you might just be dealing with crying babies or snoring older men. To make sure you get some shuteye, bring a sleeping mask and some earplugs. This might not be the most glamorous tip, but it’s practical and thoughtful!

Plastic and Ziplock Bags

Plastic or ziplock bags are exceptionally versatile in use. They can store food, wet clothes, dirty clothes, or even used ones to organize your luggage. Whether it’s for a quick dip at an isolated beachfront or something to carry local snacks in, they’re handy to keep in your travel bag.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is ideal for when you’re on the go. It’s light, spacious, and versatile, making them match easily with your resort chic wardrobe. A tote bag is typically not pricey either, so there’s no need to worry about getting them dirty.

In a 2015 survey, it was found that the most common stolen items are as follows: smartphone, credit card, debit card, license, and passport. Other than the function of the tote bag, its design is relatively more secure than a sling bag. It’s deep, close to your body, and is weighed down by your arm. You can carry your essentials safely while still having fun!

Waterproof Camera

This is easily a must-bring in any vacation, especially when going to the tropics! Take unique and memorable photos in water or underwater with your partner. They’re a great addition to the wedding photographs and videos you already have. Everybody will be jealous of all the fun you’re having on your honeymoon.

Towel Clips

The beach is especially breezy. Naturally, it sometimes causes umbrellas and towels to get blown away. What everyone usually does is put their beach bags on top of their towels to prevent this. But really, who likes putting their beach bag on top of their damp towel? Get you and your partner some towel clips to clip your towels to your beach chair! It’s a pretty easy solution that will leave your belongings dry.

Water Shoes

Are you paranoid of what’s in the water? Not comfortable with swimming barefoot? That’s nothing a pair of water shoes can’t fix. Wearing a pair isn’t just going to give you some peace of mind, but it can keep you safe too. They’re especially ideal when island hopping. Get a pair with a great grip sufficient to deal with different surfaces, both wet and dry.

Mosquito Repellent


Imagine what a single mosquito can do to keep you from being present in the moment. Being in an unfamiliar place with different climate and environmental conditions could mean different things are in the air. That’s not to say that you should start getting super paranoid. A mosquito repellent is just a good basic to have when traveling. The CDC actually backs this up and recommends a travel health kit with that too. Pack a bottle or two; you’ll thank yourself later.

Scanned Copies of IDs or Documents

This is probably a no-brainer, but it’s worth stressing. Bringing a copy of important documents gives you credibility in a different place, especially if you’re outside the country. It’s a way of protecting yourself, at the same time a great proof of your affiliations.

Adapter and Cables

Outlets are never the same in every place, especially when you’re vacationing abroad. To make sure you can charge your phones and gadget, bring a spare adapter and some cables for your convenience. Some of these might not be accessible to you once you arrive at your destination, so it’s best to bring them yourself. It’s also helpful to do some research about the place you’re staying at beforehand. Regardless, it’s a neat tip to keep in mind.

The Takeaway

Getting bitten by mosquitoes in your sunny afternoon stroll or finding your beach bag damp from sitting on your soaking wet towel for an hour is very annoying. They might even ruin a day of fun. These may seem like very trivial things but remember, it’s the little things that make the difference. Now you get to enjoy your honeymoon with the annoying nuances out of the way so you can enjoy the ones you will cherish for a very long time.

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