The OTHER side!

You know me.  I love a good free roadside find!!
My Bathroom vanity?  Discarded on someone’s lawn and free!
The architectural piece that used to be an outdated clock?  In a pile of junk on someone’s curb. Free!
This dresser I keep in the livingroom? Neighbor’s curb.  Free!
So yeah… I love me some free curbside finds.
Here’s the thing… RARELY do I fnd myself on the other end.  If I want it gone, it’s either something I’m going to sell on craigslist or it’s so bad that I throw t away.
But when I bought these dressers, the chest of drawers came with an enormous mirror and whole back shelf thing to it.  It just wasn’t going to work anywhere here… and I didn’t think it was probably something that was worth the time selling on craigslist… And it was kinda big to throw away very easily…   So Handsome Man said, “Let’s put a FREE sign on it by the street!”  I laughed, agreed, and made the sign.
Yes, I know… I’ll probably regret it leaving next week when I find some awesome Pinterest project that uses big bulky dresser mirrors!!
Anyway… First… The neighbor kids got home from school and started on their almost daily bike rides…  I was working on the computer so I didn’t look, but  could hear them… It went something like…
Cute Kid 1: “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!   LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!   I WANT THAT!!!!”
Cute Kid 2: “Why do you want THAT??!?!”
Cute Kid 1: “I just want it!  It’s FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!”
Cute Kid 2: “Where would you put it?”
Cute Kid 1: “I dunno.  In my room maybe??  Here!  Help me carry it!
*A fair amount of grunting and groaning ensued*
Cute Kid 2: “It’s too heavy.”
Cute Kid 1: “Go put your bike down!”
*More grunting and groaning*
Cute Kid 1: “I guess it’s too heavy.  Let’s go get our bikes again.”
*Happy squeels for the next hour as they ride their bikes up and down the street… Apparently forgetting all about their unclaimed “treasure.”*
Over 3 hours later, I notice it’s still there.  Bummer… Apparently neighbor kids are going to be the only ones interested.  As I work scrubbing down my newly purchased dressers, I hear a car door slam outside… Then another door.  “Hmmm… That’s odd.  It sounds like they parked out beside the house where we usually park.  I pulled my ever more pregnant self up to look out the window just in time to see a young couple scurrying towards that roadside jewel.  They hurridly picked it up and hauled it back to their car.  This is where their problems began.
You see, their car?  It was a very small car.  They popped the trunk and attempted to push it in at a diagonal.  “Not that way guys!” I mentally encouraged them. The rotated it as if I had telepathically helped them.  But alas… It still didn’t fit. SO close!
I was cheering them on from my view from inside!  They rotated it again another half turn… But no luck.  They tried tipping it upwards and leaning it against the upright trunk lid. “Ooooooh no!!! That seems iffy!!!”  Lady must have thought so too because as they slowly let go it suddenly fell and she caught it just in time.  “Whew! Close one!”
At this point, they were still laughing.  I was glad of that! 🙂  As they stood there surveying the situation, Guy had an idea!  The back seat he motioned.  Lady looked skeptical.  Really skeptical, actually.  😉  She carried one end while he carried the other nonetheless to the back seat of the car.
  I was stll rooting for them from inside… Admittedly, while I laughed hysterically.  This kind of thing happens to ME!!!  It was hilarous watching someone ELSE do it!
With a failed attempt in the back seat, they carry it to the trunk again.  They talk a bit then Lady gets on her phone.  I’m guessing calling someone with a truck?  She talks for a minute… Then gets a little louder in appearant fustraition… Then louder… Then finally hung up the phone in disgust.  I’m gonna guess that whoever she called did not want to come out at 7:00 pm to pick up a free dresser mirror.  They try it in the trunk again.  This way… That way… Stll no luck.
Guy tips it up again, tells Lady to hold it, and scurries headlong into the back seat.  “Whaaaaaat?  This is a new one!  I haven’t seen this one before!!!” I thought as I began laughing again.  I only laughed harder when I saw his head peeking out of the trunk.  He had crawled in the back, put the appearant hatchback seat down and crawled into the trunk and was attempting to hold it.  It seemed like he kept insisting she let go and drive while he held it.  Unfortunately, every time Lady began to let go, it swaaaaaaayed dangerously.  He tried to talk her into it again…  Sh shook her head NO!  He talked again!  She shook her head NOOOO!  He talked again… And I couldn’t hear them from inside but appearantly she told him in no. uncertain. terms. that she was NOT going to do that.
Sloooooowly he climbed back out of the back seat and they lifted it out of the trunk and onto the ground.  At this point I totally thought they were going to give up.   Much to my surprse, Lady gets on the phone again.  She must have told whoever it was to get over here.  And appearantly iit worked because not 5 minutes later, up drives a guy in a black suburban.  They carried it to the back, shoved it in, and literally ran back to their car and the 3 of them drove away quite happy wth their treasure.  Except for the man in the black suburban.  He didn’t really seem that pleased.  Haha!
It was totally awesome!!!  So much free entertainment, I felt like I needed to pay THEM just for the show!
Try it!  Put something on the curb wth a free sign!  It’s awesome entertainment!!!
And to Guy & Lady who found their treasure and were determined enough to spend 30 minutes getting it home no matter what it took…  Good for you!!!  You obviously have WAY more determinaton than I would have!!! It was an AWESOME 30 minutes!!!   🙂

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