70+ Lighting Inspirations!

 Whew!  These round-up posts take forrrreeeeevvvveeeeerrrrrr to put together!

*Imagine me saying that in the dark with a flashlight shining on my face and said in my best “Sandlot” voice*

If you haven’t seen the movie don’t even try to get that last part.



AnyWAY!  Here’s a round-up of all my favorite lighting inspirations and DIY tutorials!

We all know I’m a TOTAL sucker for good light fixtures, so there are quite a few!  ENJOY!!!



Round up of 70+ Lighting Inspirations and DIY Tutorials by www.DIYinRealLife.com








Loving this light you can purchase from Serena & Lily.  And… It almost looks like something one could knock-off with an old fixture, some twine, and some pretty beads?


The before and after on this chandelier from In My Own Style is pretty impressive! A tutorial on how to transform an outdated brass chandelier with paint and crystals!




Anyone else crushing on this kitchen that Home Bunch was showing off? It’s from Restoration Hardware which totally explains why I like it!  And whadoyaknow? It’s on sale!  Only $1750.00 right now!  Yeah, I know… In.  My.  Dreams.  🙂



I’m not immensely into shabby chic but I do like this lamp makeover by My Blessed Life.  A great way to inexpensively upgrade those totally dated lampshades!



Brilliant update by Apartment Therapy.  I’m more keen on buying a drum lamp shade than making one, but more power to ya if that’s up your ally!!  Love the concept!



Another great, cheap update by The DIY Village! Liking the 2-toned idea!!!



Liking the pop of color here on this update on Ladies Home Journal!  Fun!



My eyes lit up and I’m pretty sure I audibly gasped when I say this DIY tutorial by HommeMaker.   Love.



Digging the pop of color in these light fixtures!  So easy to re-create with a couple outdated fixtures!



This tutorial from Scout and Nimble has been circulating across blogland and Pinterest for a while, but I would be remiss in not including it!  It really is genius!



Lipstick and Sawdust made these awesome lights by marrying the guts from some outdated fixtures and garden lanterns!  Smart!



Sarah M. Dorsey Designs did this fantastic light… A great twist on the other drum shade lights!!



Love this light from Not Just a Housewife! 



Imperfectly Polished did this ingenious tutorial on How to Make a 3-Light Pendant from a Recessed Light.



Love this driftwood lamp!  Couldn’t find the original source on this one but it looks like an easy enough DIY!



Vintage Revivals did this fabulous tutorial on making a custom pendant light…  Totally digging it!!!



Pudel Design did this fun twist off some of the drum shade lights previously added in this post.  Love the clear orbs!



Simplicity in the South did an awesome knock-off of this Restoration Hardware light.



I would be remiss if I didn’t include a tutorial on making a mercury glass lamp!  Check out this tutorial by Decorated Chaos! 



The Concrete Cottage did a tutorial on this DIY French Script Lamp Shade.





Unfortunately the link on this pin was bad and I can’t seem to find the post… But re-creating the lampshade concept with an old shade and strips of burlap seems easy enough!




LOVE this combination of chinese lantern and pulley to hang it from the ceiling!



This waterfall spiral mason jar chandelier is awesome, upscaled twist to the other mason jar lights!!!



Wouldn’t this idea from dogpile be just stunning for a wedding cake table??!



This light was made out of paint stir sticks!!! Awesome!!!



Purely inspiration photo here… But again I just love the elegant pop of color here!!



Love the POLKA DOTS of course… But the flowers add a whole lotta cuteness too! Awesome lamp by Pink and Polka Dots!





No original source but I think the concept of threading ribbon in and out of a shade woud be easy enough!!



There’s so much about this I love!  The painted floor… The mismatched chairs… And of course the happy colored lights!



FUN light that is an impressive mix of art and function.  It’s just plain pretty!!!







Wow.  Eye-catching, no?  Super easy to recreate too!

2 wall hooks, galvanized pipe, mirror garlands and christmas lights!  Lovely!



A Little Glass Box wrote a letter to her son on a lampshade in his room.  Adorbs!!!



What a CREATIVE twist on chinese lanterns!







Style Me Pretty showcased this awesomely impressive chandelier!



I think these wire lights are pretty crazy cool!



So, I couldn’t exactly read the original source on this one… Cause it was in Spanish, and I only know a few words in spanish.  “Si” is “yes.”

“No Habla Espenol” is “I don’t speak spanish.”

And that’s right… I watched Sesame Street as a child.  So I can count to 6.







Not sure what intrigues me more… The awesome potential to recreate this light using unique materials! Wire trash can, perhaps?

Or perhaps the glass jar on the side table full of light bulbs? 😉



This could totally be recreated with a plain glass shade. Simply spritz glass with vinegar water then spray with Krylon “Looking Glass” spray paint!



Total sucker for Edison Bulbs!

Oh… And the light is pretty cool too!



Again with Restoration Hardware and their awesome lights!  Adoring the pulley!



Simple way to add polka dots in 5 minutes to an ordinary lampshade!



Emily A. Clark did an AWESOME update on this brass habitat light fixture!  It’s gorgeous!



Check out these fun lamps from All Things Thrifty!!  You really can make a lamp from anything!



Buttons add some flair to these otherwise boring lampshades!



Okay… I’ll admit it… Drooling of these light fixtures by Twenty Eight 0 Five!!!



Love this tub lighting!  So awesome for a wedding!



Love these insulator lights featured on Apartment Therapy!



Love these headboard lights by Southern Fried Chicken.   How cute is this? They have their own individual switches!



Digging the knotted rope cord by Design Sponge!



Fan-TAS-tic before and after by The Painted Hive!!!   You know how I am about industrial!  Adore this light re-do! Brilliant!



Love all the various sizes and shapes of bulbs!



Love the vibrant color and sheen of this painted lampshade by Little Green Notebook!



Anyone else digging these hanging basket pendants? Rawr!!



Be-YOU-tiful fixture!!!



Wouldn’t this be perfect in a little girl’s princess room???!



Ha!!! Lights made from whisks from a commercial kitchen mixer. Featured on Brooklyn to West.



Check out this lamp project by the Nester!



Super easy DIY tutorial by Domestically Speaking!



Similar idea… Different basket….



Wouldn’t this be adorable on a lampshade in a little girl’s room??!



I would love to try this with glitzy clear beads!!!



Majorly drooling!

That’s all.



Looks easy enough, right???!



What a beauty!  Love this mercury glass light fixture!!!



You can get these 10-light strands off of etsy, or if you’re brave, try DIY!!!



Absolutely love this twist on a simple chinese lantern by Glue Arts!!!



I know, I know… Again with the Restoration Hardware light fixtures!  I’m addicted to them, I know!  But I think you could take any number of outdated fixtures and with a little rope, get a similar look!



Another lovely way to dress up a plain lampshade by Pretty Petals! 



A tutorial on dying lampshades by Little Green Notebook!



How hilariously creative is this??!  You’ll never ever guess what she used to do this!  Check out the tutorial on Matsutake!



Wouldn’t this light fixture be so pretty in a hallway??



Stunning pop of color!!!



So fun and beach-y, isn’t it??!

Miss Mustard Seed wrote this tutorial for HGTV.com.



Same concept as the previous one, only a different shaped lamp and thicker rope.



Cardigan turned lampshade!



Okay! Okay!!!   I promise!  This is the LAST Restoration Hardware fixture I’ll drool over.  In this post anyway!!!

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real Life.com

And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my own tutorial on transforming an outdated brass light fixture

Round up of 70+ Lighting Inspirations and DIY Tutorials by www.DIYinRealLife.com

Tutorials on Pom-Poms, Chinese Lanterns, and MORE!

Okay….. Now!  How did I do all these hanging goodies???


Girl Nursery Making Poms




(AKA: My favorite)

Girl Nursery Making Poms

So this one was suuuuper easy and suuuuuuuuper time consuming.  But totally worth it and it will steal your heart!


I got the original idea from this girl at Ada’s Interior Design!

Ahhh-mazing, no??!

Girl Nursery 6

Anyway… I just grabbed 2 packages of coffee filters… (Dude, they’re like .89 a package! Isn’t this a cheap upgrade??!)

Take a filter, pinch the center with one hand, and pull up the coffee filter with the other.

Girl Nursery 7

I simply started in one spot at the top and began working my way down.

Nursery Snapshot

I used a low-heat glue gun because that’s what I had at the time.  Ada suggested using the low-heat as well because the big high heat gun can leave some definite marks on one’s skin if you know what I mean!  OUCH!

Girl Nursery 10

Just put some glue on the tip of the coffee filter and shove onto the Chinese lantern, keeping them all pretty close so as to avoid bare patches.

Girl Nursery 11

Be prepared.  It takes a while.

Girl Nursery 12

A looooong while.  BUT it’s AWESOME when it’s done!!!!



Girl Nursery Making Poms



Be forewarned…

Less than ideal, taken-late-at-night-when-lighting-was-bad pictures will follow on this next one….


Girl Nursery 14

Observe my attractive pj-wear!   😉

Handsome Man’s STUD Scooby-Doo pajamas!  Jealous??!

(Scooby-Doo pajama’s suggested but are optional when making this lantern)

I had a few faded ugly brown lanterns so I decided they definitely needed an upgrade.  I chose bright, happy orange to cover it and it totally works!

Girl Nursery 16

This one was super easy AND super quick.  I like those!

Again, low-heat glue gun…. Cut tissue paper into strips.  My strips were approximately 4 inches wide.  Cut scallops… (Or zig-zags… Or fringe…. Or whatever you prefer)

Starting at the bottom, hot glue round and round the Chinese lantern and push the top of the strip into the hot glue trail.

Like I said, suuuuper easy!

I think I got the idea from here?  It was on my Pinterest board anyway!


Girl Nursery Making Poms

I didn’t really bother doing a tutorial on these guys because everyone and their dog has a tutorial on how to do them.

Nursery Hanging Pom

I used THIS tutorial…. The only change I made was that I used like twice as many sheets of tissue paper as I did the first one and decided I wanted them fuller.  And you KNOW how I feel about fullness, right??! 🙂


Girl Nursery Making Poms

Because I like glitter, at least one of these fellows had to be sparkly!

And no… I didn’t have a tutorial for this…

And no…. I’ve never seen anyone do it…

And no… I had NO clue what I was doing…

But really? When has that ever stopped us before?

Are you with me????

Girl Nursery Making Poms

So yeah… I just spray painted the ugly faded brown Chinese lantern with regular gray spray paint and threw iridescent glitter on it as I went along.  No science to it at all…  Just wing it! 😉

I think that pretty much covers all the DIY stuff I hung….  As previously mentioned I got the yellow Chinese lanterns and the pink POLKA DOT lanterns at Hobby Lobby.  I love them a lot.  😉

Girl Nursery Making Poms

DIY Tutorial of Curtain Rods Made From Plumbing and Electrical Supplies…

How’s THAT for a hefty title??!

DIY in Real Life - How to make curtain rods out of plumbing and electrical supplies


Okay…  So I always love me a little industrial.  Not a lot.  Just a touch here and there….  So when I saw THIS….   *Insert a little Emperor’s New Groove – BOOM-BABY!*




I fell in love.  Deep passionate love.  And I soooo wanted them.

Entrance: Handsome man.


The decision went something like this.

Me: I’m not sure what to do about curtain rods.

Handsome Man: What are you thinking?

Me: Well….   I-saw-an-idea-on-pinterest-and-I-really-really-love-it-but-I-don’t-know-how-much-it-would-cost-or-how-much-work-it-would-take-but-did-I-mention-I-really-really-loved-it??!

Handsome Man: Can I see it?

{Showing of inspiration photo}

Handsome Man:  Yup. No problem.

{This was the abridged version}


And so it began!



For every window, you need:

{2 of these}

{2 of these}

{And measure how much of this you need.  Some stores will even cut it for you!  We got 10 ft. lengths and each one did 1-2 windows of varying sizes.  We did our whole 1st floor with these curtain rods. We got all 3/4 in. fittings and 3/4 in. conduit.  We found that the conduit fit tightly enough that it almost threaded snugly into the street elbow fitting.  Friction fit, baby!}

You’ll also want curtain rings.  I got these from Menards as well… Once the curtain rods are up, they’re up.  4 screws on each side makes it problematic to take them down.  Obviously, you don’t want to do that every time you want to wash your curtains.  I found these to be the perfect solution!!

As to needed tools…



Tape measure

and a pipe cutter if you did not have them cut at the store

This project was a total B-R-E-E-Z-E~ ~ `~ ~ ~

First we removed the labels.

 Super easy… Just ran some water over it in the sink for a few minutes.  

Okay… Okay….  As long as we’re being “REAL” here….

This is what it really looked like.

I was too excited to get the new curtain rods up.  I totally didn’t want to do dishes.

*cough cough*

Moooooving on….

Your pile of fittings will look something like this! 🙂

Just thread the street elbow tightly into the floor flange.

The conduit will twist tightly into the street elbow.

Before twisting the 2nd side onto the conduit, put your curtain rings on. I’m not even going to admit how many times we had to take off the other end because we forgot to put them on.  Ha!

{Handsome Man concentrating deeply.}

Just put one screw in the first side to keep it there…  I chose to mount my curtain rods 4 inches wider and 6 inches taller than the window casings.  Normally I would go even higher/wider to show off more of my windows, but we. have. so. many. windows.


Measure the 2nd side to insure that it’s level…. and start fastening!  With a grand total of 8 screws, I wonder if I could do pull-ups on these things??!

Probably not.  Who am I kidding.  I don’t do pull-ups on anything!! 😉

TAAAAA-DAAAAA!!!!  Finished Product!!!!

Are they not the coolest thing ever???

Let’s add this up:

2 street elbows = 2.72 total


2 Floor Flanges = 6.78


Conduit = 1.58 to 3.15

Seeing my man lift the curtain rods like he was the heavy lifting olympic champion….


That brings the total of each curtain rod from $11.08 to $12.65.

Which is a REALLY great price for curtain rods!  At Menards, the dinky, scrawny ones start at 19.99.  And with as easy as they all were to put together??!   I couldn’t be more thrilled!

They went in on our whole main floor since it’s all very open and they totally tie everything together.  Love that!

Dining Room


Living Room


A knock-off of West Elm’s version!!

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