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Kitchen: Tiling the backsplash

After finishing the plumbing and electrical, installing the cabinets & countertops, etc… It was time to hit the backsplash.


Now I love the look of glass tile, but not the price.  I really didn’t want to put several hundred dollars into the backsplash.


Here’s the upside though.. I do love the tumbled stone look too.  Especially in combination with glass tile.  So this is what we did….


A Kitchen remodel at

The ivory 6×6 tiles looked just like tumbled stone.  It was very affordable.  I’ve used this tile several times and love it.  Unfortunately Menards stopped carrying it.  Boo!

A Kitchen remodel at

Then we cut the 12×12 glass tile pieces into 3 strips, giving us 4 inch strips of glass tile.

A Kitchen remodel at

Really really love how it turned out!!!  Pretty affordable too!  I’ll take that!  😉

Bathroom: The Repurposed Vanity – Part 2

After building the side open shelving, I wanted to put glass tile from the vanity all the way to the ceiling.  (Again, scandalously mimicking The Lettered Cottage’s bathroom.)



Bathroom Remodel by

We got this glass tile at Menards on sale, baby!  It makes me very very happy.

Bathroom Remodel by

While glass tile is typically pricier than other tile options, we were okay with that because we were not tiling the whole space.  *hint: we just tiled around the edges.  If you removed the mirror, you would find purple drywall.  Shhh!!!*

Bathroom Remodel by

Because we merely tiled the edges, it was very inexpensive to do this project…

Easier to complete…

And provides a lotta “WOW punch” for the amount of cost included!

Bathroom Remodel by

Again… This concept was brilliantly thought of by The Lettered Cottage.  Credit where credit is due here people.

Bathroom Remodel by

All I want to know is how did SO. MUCH. JUNK. manage to find it’s way into my open shelves?!?!?!   We had literally JUST built the things!!! Yeash!

Bathroom Remodel by

Dontcha love this tile!??!?   More pics coming in the next post showing it up close and in better light!

We always seem to do these projects after dark.  Like at midnight.

Occupational hazard to marrying a NIGHT OWL I guess! 😉

Bathroom: Tiling

After gutting the lathe and plaster… ripping out the appropriate walls… building new walls… and all things filthy… (I highly suggest you do things like this BEFORE you move into a reno.  You won’t believe the places the dust will end up!  Thankfully we did this all pre-wedding and prior to moving in.)  It was FINALLY  time to start putting things back together!



Bathroom Remodel by

First off, prep the floors for tile.

Cement board first!


Look!  It’s a picture of me working!  I’m always behind the camera so friends are always asking why I’m never working.  Handsome Man appears to do all the work!  But honest!  I work too!

Sam took this picture from upstairs through the bathroom drain hole.  Hence the aerial view of me cutting tile! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

Next the tile!

Bathroom Remodel by

And more tile…


And more tile…  (This is just before Handsome Man had to do quite the acrobatic stunt to get himself out of the corner he tiled himself into! 😉  )

Bathroom Remodel by

And this is when we were just about finished!

At 1:00 a.m.

Cause that’s how we roll.

And probably why I like coffee so much.