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Coffee Bar….

Yes.  This looks familiar.

Coffee Bar @



I just loved it so much in My Favorite Emily’s house…


that I made it in our old house…

DIY in Real Life: Coffee Bar Before & After

then made it again in the new house!

So is it a lack of creativity or just a matter of I know what I like??! Ha!

Coffee Bar @

Actually the buffet fits here even better than the old house! Yay for that!!

Fun fact: This buffet belonged to Handsome Man’s great grandpa and grandma!  I love love love this piece! I was unable to refinish the sides due to the veneer being too thin too sand and not being in the best shape. So I opted to paint the sides
gray and refinished the wood top. Love!

Coffee Bar @

This is a super functional area that I use every. single. day!  (I mean COFFEE, right??)

The extra open storage for dishes is nice since we don’t have a whole lot of cupboards. (We do have the pantry and that’s a ton of storage too!)

Coffee Bar @

And the cups all hanging where I can get em super easy makes me happy.

It’s no wonder this is the second thing I’m featuring in my posts of the things in my kitchen that make me happy.happy.happy!

Coffee Bar @

I love taking all my ugly store-bought containers and dumping the contents into clear glass  containers and slapping chalkboard labels onto them! 🙂

Coffee Bar @

And this lady insisted on getting her picture taken.  And with that cheesy smile, how do you resist??

Coffee Bar @

My Favorite Stud Wall

Me: “Well we want to build a stud wall.”

Contractor: “A what?”

Me: “A stud wall.  You know… A wall that looks like it has exposed studs but they’re really not.”

Contractor: {Blank stare}

Me: “It has shiplap behind with 2×4’s in varying withs and heights in front of it and all painted white.”

Contractor: {Blank stare AND awkward pause}

Me: “Here… I’ll show you an inspiration picture.”

Stud wall inspiration from The Lettered Cottage -


Inspiration via The Lettered Cottage

Contractor: {Skeptical look}

Me: {Awkward silence}



So yeah…  That’s pretty much how it went with the construction guy that helped us with the beam.  And the electrical guy.  And the plumber.  Even funnier was when Handsome Man tried to explain it.  Haha!!!!


But as I start blogging again I’m going to take you through the things in my kitchen/dining room/ living room area that make me happy and are just plain life giving throughout my day.  The things that every time I see or use, give me just a wee bit of extra happy.


First thing being my stud wall.

Stud Wall @

There’s actually a 4X12 beam in the upper part of the wall which is holding up one side of the 8X12 beam that replaced the wall we removed.  That’s why it doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling.

Stud Wall @

So because of the beam above, we needed to build the wall out anyway.  So the choice was build it out and drywall over it like a regular wall, or……   🙂

So yeah!  Hello stud wall!  One of the first things I see every day when I go out to the kitchen on one of the things I totally love!!

(Complete with sewing machine still out.  Finally hemming some curtains!  Yay!)

Stud Wall @

Love these happy red poppies! Such a fun splash of color on my simple white wall! Also it makes me happy that I got a very similar metal “basket” that you can also get at Magnolia Market. (My total current crush.)  Both the poppies and the basket came from my mom’s shop – Master’s Hand in Tekamah NE


Stud Wall @

Love this housewarming gift from “my favorite Emily.”

So good. Love the message.

She pretty much rocks at chalkboard art.  Seriously.



Stud Wall @

I tried to think of different ways to hang stuff without just nailing it to the wall.  And I wanted to secure everything as opposed to just leaning things up on the studs. Since we would be around it I didn’t want to worry about things falling.  I’m very much into worry-free surroundings!  (Hence my love for wood floors.)

I kinda love hanging them from hooks like this.  It also gives some dimension to it since it’s hung away from the back of the wall.


Stud Wall @

I also love the antiqued mirror look on this window.

It’s nice that it’s a slightly reflective surface without being a super clear mirror.  I think a mirror would be weird here.  But this is perfect!

On a sidenote, this window was from the house on Randolph and the sentimental side of me is super happy about that! 🙂

Inspiration tutorial I used for antiquing glass mirror


This is the tutorial I used for the window mirror.

Super easy!!!

So that’s the first thing in my kitchen that I love love love!

More to follow!

Quick Kitchen Update!

So I did a quick video so you could see my kitchen!!! I’m planning on resuming posting now that life has settled a bit and I’ll catch you up on all the details that I LOVE in our new house!


In the meantime… Enjoy this spontaneous video. What’s a remodel progress video without a fussy baby, a near-two-year-old-still-in-her-pj’s and dishes on the counter?   We’ve got it all, folks!!!



And a few haphazard cel phone pictures to top it all off! 😉



Kitchen Remodel at Kitchen Remodel at Kitchen Remodel at Kitchen Remodel at

Workin’ hard on the New House Remodel:

So we’re still plugging away over at the new house remodel. About all I have time for are my weekly (or so) updates on what we’ve accomplished.  I am looking forward to more detailed posts later after we get moved in and settled that have more instructions on “How to Build a Refrigerator Enclosure” and all that! 🙂


Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

Speaking of refrigerator enclosures….  Handsome Man totally rocked ours one evening last week!

Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

Excuse the dark pictures… We are like raccoons… All of our best work is done at night.  Although hopefully we aren’t as cranky and mean as raccoons.  Ha!

I will say though… It’s amazing though how a basic construction enclosure SO finishes off an area like this! Totally can’t wait to get that refrigerator in baby!!!

Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

We also spent the last couple evenings working on the few places that needed drywall replaced.  This area we had to tear into to do electrical. And yes we could have patched the couple of holes we punched in the wall…. But the rest of the wall had wallpaper.  So I batted my eyes at Handsome Man… Said pretty please… And he opted to rip it out and just replace the drywall on this short wall altogether.  My anti-wallpaper-removal-instincts thank you babe! 😉

Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

And really the space just took one full piece of drywall and another few small pieces…  It’s not that bad, right hon? lol!

Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

We’ve also been plugging away on these bad boys.



Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

While yes…. They look spectacular installed and I love them with my whole heart… The process of installing them is a total drag!  We saved money using the thinner planks from Lowes rather than the car siding from Menards, but because they are thinner they are a lot trickier to install.  You obviously can’t just *WHACK* them into place like you can car siding.  If I weren’t pregnant, they might drive me into becoming a drinking woman.  They’re that bad.

Workin' hard on the New House Remodel at

But I just keep reminding myself that they look spectacular when they’re done.

Just keep planking.  Just keep planking.

Also in other news… When I went to IKEA for the FIRST TIME, I got one of these lights for the entryway.  And folks?  I LOVE it installed there!  And it was seriously a cheap fixture.  Especially for how large this thing is.  I kind of really love it.

Anyway…. That’s what we’ve been up to this last week.  Anxious to see what we complete this week!

I think we are close to turning a corner on doing all the really dirty stuff and nearly to the finishing stage of trim and painting and stuff.  I can’t wait for that!!!! Eep!!!

New happenings at the New House Remodel:

So it’s been hopping at the new house since the wood floors were finished…  Here’s what’s up around the new house!



New house Remodel at

The framing inspection cleared yesterday!  Yay for being legal and all that! 😉


New house Remodel at

The peninsula is well on it’s way to becoming a finished reality!  And it’s looking spectacular!



New house Remodel at

*Sidenote:  Every awesome thing you’ve ever heard about a Kreg Jig?  It’s all true. So true!

Color me impressed!!!!



New house Remodel at

Pantry walls are in and even have the car siding installed on one of the exteriors! Whoop whoop!



New house Remodel at

It’s hard to tell from the pictures but I’m super excited about how usable all this pantry space is going to be!

Also… We spent




installing plank ceiling.

Who woulda guessed that installing plank ceiling would make your fingertips hurt so stinking bad!  Yeash!

So with that I’m signing off.  It seriously hurts to type. lol!

More details and fun pictures to follow.

You know… When my fingers recover.

(I’m aware that sounds ridiculous… But this is real.)


Planking – And no I’m not referring to exercising.

Yeah… I’m 3rd trimester.  I don’t plank.  Not the exercising version anyway!


The building-a-new-wall-and-planking-it-type? That I can do! 🙂



New house at

So when we bought the house the railing by the stairs was obviously original… You know, back before they had regulations as to how close together the spindles had to be and stuff.  So as it was, Emma was having a hay day shimmying through the spindles and I was envisioning an 8 month-old new mister innocently scooting across the living room floor and falling.  Besides that the railing was rather wobbly anyway.  We decided to just go ahead and rip it out and start fresh.



New house at

First Handsome Man built the 2×4 wall.  Rather quickly too!  I was impressed with how fast it all went together!  (We did opt for a taller wall this time as Emma is a climber and the worried momma in me felt better about a taller wall.  lol!)

New house at

Then we started planking the wall with car siding from Menards.

New house at

I think I’m really going to love it when it’s done! Yay!

I think I'm really going to love it when it's done! Yay!And in addition to the partially finished wall, we’ve started installing the wood flooring in the living room!  There’s just something AWESOME about putting stuff IN instead of only ripping things OUT! 🙂

New house at

Because installing wood flooring in your superhero pajamas tucked into your tall socks while wearing crocs is totally the best way to do it! 😉

Sorry ladies… This sexy man is taken!

New house at

Such a beautiful sight!  Those first couple rows take the longest… Getting all set and ready to roll.  After that, it’s a breeze!

New house at www.diyinreallife.comThe first evening we got it all started and set and laid 3 feet of flooring.

New house at

Then we went over tonight for a few hours and knocked out another 6 feet.  So we’ve done a total of 9 feet of flooring!! Whoop whoop!

We can do another 3 feet before we need to stop and wait to get the beam in the load bearing wall.   Handsome Man and our construction guy are working on it and *hopefully* they can get down to the city to have it approved and the beam ordered this week yet!

*Crossing fingers!*

I’ll keep you posted on all our PROGRESS!!!!

New House Renovations!!

So we didn’t have a whole lotta chance to work on the new house after closing on Monday with Christmas family stuff and all.  Mostly ordered stuff from Menards to have delivered tomorrow, etc…  However all that changed over the weekend.  Yesterday and today was chock full of progress!  And when I say progress, I mean chaos!!!  It’s awesome!  lol!

I just keep telling myself it has to get worse before it gets better!  Ha!

Yesterday morning we left Emma with our niece Ella (whom she absolutely adores!) and  our nephews came along to the house for some serious ripping out.

New house at

For some strange reason they seem to enjoy it and goodness sakes!  We love having their help!

New house at

They’re like the spectacular tornados of demolition and can rip out carpet and pull up carpet tacks like nobody’s business!  That morning they managed to clear the upstairs of all carpet, carpet pad, and much of the carpet tacks.  They pretty much rock.

New house at

Handsome Man’s dad also came over to remove all our upper cabinets and let me tell you what…. It felt so much more open after that!!! Whoohoo for phase 1!

 New house at

After the nephews left we (and by we, I mostly mean Handsome Man) tore out the remainder of the lower cabinets.

New house at

Including our built-in tiny avacado green stove… *Rawr!*

New house at

We took her and her matching stove hood buddy out to the curb and with a craigslist ad under the free section they had made some scrapper very happy by the next morning! 😉

New house at

So after the cabinets met their demise, Sam went to work on above where the upper cabinets used to reside.

New house at

 (Handsome Man and I differ in what exactly they are called.  Help us out and weigh in on this!  He refers to them as a soffit and I maintain that the Property Brothers call them bulkheads.  I am convinced I am right.  ….But am I? 🙂 )

 New house at www.diyinreallife.comAll I know is that as we ripped each section down, lots of black insulation fell like an avalanche.  And it was nasty. It was as if someone shaved 100 black poodles then shoved all the hair up in our ceiling.  I’ll spare you the pictures.  This was after we swept up.

Also… You’ll notice there are no pictures of me.  I like to think it’s because I’m the one taking pictures! 😉 Ha!

But really…. I kept busy too.  I removed a bajillion staples out of the floors in all three bedrooms.  It took a while.

Then…. As if yesterday wasn’t enough… The nephews were down for MORE destruction.  I know, they rock.

New house at

Check out their wicked wall demolition moves!

New house at

Look at ’em go!

New house at

And the wall came a tumbling’ down!

New house at

Three very hardworking dudes!

New house at

And as if that weren’t enough, they went to town on the kitchen floor ripping up the linoleum and the underlayment.  Not. An. Easy. Task.

New house at

Wicked-tough stuff to get out!

New house at

Finally working on the last piece.  It took like 10 times longer to do the floor than rip out the wall and looked a lot less fun! lol!

All in all, I’m giddy with excitement at how the house has changed in a matter of two days!  Well… I’m sore and can barely walk…. But still giddy!  (Yay for a chiropractor visit tomorrow! Ha!  Remodeling when 27 weeks pregnant is going to be harder than I anticipated!  Even MORE reason why I am so VERY grateful for the nephews’ amazing help!  They are saving me! Ha!)

This next week will mostly involve getting the beam for the wall we will finish tearing out.  (Boo on load-bearing walls. Sniff)

Get our various fellas to come take a look at what needs done.  Construction guy for help on the beam installation…. Electrician for rewiring the new layout and recessed lighting…  Plumbing guy for moving the sink and dishwasher… Etc…

Our Menards delivery of cabinets, wood flooring, car siding, etc. comes in tomorrow afternoon…

And the subfloor needs to come out of the kitchen yet.  (We want the wood flooring to be level between the living room and the dining room/kitchen so we are ripping the uneven subfloor in the dining room/kitchen out.  Also… There are so many of the longest, most wicked staples, you have ever seen in the subfloor.  It’ll be easier to pull up the old and install new than to pull them all out by hand.  Several times over.  It’s craZy!

Absolutely cannot wait for this week!  I’ll keep you posted on the progress… In the meantime, envision me doing a happy dance. Tomorrow.  When I can walk again! 😉

An exciting-new-can’t-keep-the-news-in-any-longer development!

Yes.  It’s true.


And I can’t keep it quiet any more!


We are in fact going to buy another house!!!!!!   WHOOHOO!!!!!


New house at

We close on the 22nd (***Less than two weeks!!!!!***)   and we’ll spend a month or two redoing the worst of it before we move in.



New house at

New hardwood floors are on the list.   Lucky us, it appears the bedrooms upstairs already have hardwood installed.  They just needs to be refinished.

New house at

Also a kitchen remodel. (It’s all original 70’s complete with a sexy built-in avocado green stove)

Floors and kitchen are the things that are hardest to re-do while living in a place so we’d like to check those things off the to-do list before we move in.  Also… Since we will be renting out our current home, March is a much better time to find a renter than January.

New house at

After we move in we can begin to remodel the bathrooms.  And since we have 3 bathrooms in the new house we can easily have one down at a time and use the other 2 in the meantime.  This is the main bathroom and will be re-done first… Since after all, it has carpet.  Carpet.  Caaaaaaarpet.

In the bathroom.

Not a fan of carpet in the bathroom! 🙂

New house at

Mostly I’m looking forward to starting over again.  Only this time we will be making choices  that we really love, not just because it’s the best choice for an investment.  That makes me giddy! 🙂

In the meantime, I’m going to go work on my design plans and supply lists.  I want to have this as WELL thought out and pre-planned as possible as we will be remodeling the kitchen before living in the space first.

EEP! I love this.

Group Office:

Like I said… Before we arrived, one of their guys (the ever-talented Adam) created their desks in the group office.




This was our inspiration picture for the desks…

Office Remodel Before/After at

All we had to do in this room was paint and organize which was super nice because we were definitely scrambling for time! Ha!

2 Main Offices:

And now we come to the two main offices.  These are the rooms that belong to the guys who work in the office the most… The big boss and the guy-who-writes-checks.  (I’m pretty sure neither of those titles are correct… But whatever. 😉 )


Office Inspiration at

 Again… This is the main inspiration photo. (Just in case you’re not tired of seeing it yet. Ha!)

Who could get tired of looking at it anyway?  It’s awesome!

 Office Remodel at

This is the adjusted floor plan for the desk. We changed a fair amount along the way due to being a tad unsure how it would all end up together! 😉  Yay for guys who go with the flow and fill in the details!!

Office Remodel at

This is the side view of the desk/bookshelves.  You’ll notice we did cut the bases off the bottom of the 3-drawer cabinets to make it an appropriate height for a desk.  After adding an extra 2 inch butcher block on top it was still a tad on the tall side, but it was close!  Nothing a little taller chair couldn’t fix.  I think normal desks are somewhere around the 30″ height as opposed to 31.5″-32″ height.  All said and done this looks-like-a-custom-built-in only had about 5 screws actually in the wall so if they ever move, they can easily do that!


Office Remodel Before/After at



Office Remodel Before/After at


Love these these offices so very much!!!!

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