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Installing a door = HAPPINESS!

Door install by

Since this adorable munchkin is crawling everywhere, it’s become quite evident that we needed to install a door in the hallway with stairs that go to the basement and outside.

Handsome Man was going to be at Menards, so I mentioned he should look in the bargain door area for an interior door that might fit.

Door install by

And whatdoyaknow they had one!  Exactly what I would have picked.

And *drumroll* it was only 10 bucks people!  That’s what I’m talking’ about!!!

Door install by

 We <3 you Menards.  😉

Door install by

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate that Handsome Man is so good at this kind of stuff?  It’s just plain fantastic!

Door install by

Slid right in there and fit nearly perfectly!

Door install by

It’s still not pretty yet as I just finished caulking it.

But TODAY I think I’ll paint it!

Door install by

And it will be gorgeous!

It really does finish off the space!

And best of all, I can keep the munchkin away from the tools.

She really makes a beeline for tools.  Especially sharp ones.  Yeash!

It’s like she takes after her parents of something.

Word to the wise:

Never think to yourself…


“Self… You’re just painting a little.  You’re just rolling paint on with a foam roller and a chevron stencil.” - CUTE Chevon!!


“No need to change clothes… I’m SURE you’ll be fine!” - Bad painting experience!

Because it will be at THAT point that you sit on the roller full of paint.




Don’t ask.  I don’t want to talk about it.

Super Cute and Ridiculously Easy Striped Table Refashion…

Realizing I never posted about this table…



Super cute and ridiculously easy striped  table refashion at

This table… (Also given to me by ANOTHER friend) I gave the striped treatment!

Super cute and ridiculously easy striped  table refashion at

Evidently I have a weakness for free tables! 😉

Super cute and ridiculously easy striped  table refashion at

Done in my traditional gray and white… What can I say? It’s versatile!

Super cute and ridiculously easy striped  table refashion at

It couldn’t have been easier…

I painted the base coat white…

Then taped off lines with blue painters tape in completely random widths…

(I love me some stripes!)

Then painted the gray using this method.


Dresser Makeover

I wish I had a before picture of this dresser.

Dresser Makeover by www.

We pulled the dirty white dresser off the side of the street… Handsome Man fixed the drawers… And I painted the body gray and the drawers white.

Dresser Makeover by www.

We had it in our living room for over a year…  Then finally the time came… I wanted to do something else with the space. So predictable, right? 😉

Dresser Makeover by www.

So we listed it on a local Facebook Craigslist-type group… And boom.  Sold it for $60.00!

Pretty good deal!

FREE + Some work = $60.00

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Q & A: Question about Paint Color?

A while back, I was asked a popular question by “Melanie….”  I replied to her question in the comments, but I thought I’d post about it here, too!


She commented in relation to the Cheap 80′s Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off…

80's Brass Light Fixture to Restoration Hardware Knock-Off - DIY in Real

Q: “Looks great! I just found the same light at a thrift store. I’m trying it with brushed nickel spray paint, but I think the nickle spray paint is coming out cheesy looking. Can you tell me what color paint is on the walls in that room. I really like it.”


A DIY Coffee Bar by


A: “Melanie!
You might try painting it black first, then painting it again with the nickel paint. It might cover better? Just a thought anyway!!!

As to the color in the dining room… I actually got a whole bunch of free paint and so I mixed 5 or 6 various partial gallons of red paint, crossed my fingers, held my breath and painted it. And it is the PERFECT red, which is awesome because reds are notoriously kinda hard to get! So… I wish I could tell you what this perfect color is, but sadly I can’t.

That’s actually how I’ve done most of the house. I think I’ve bought a gallon of black paint, 2 gallons of semi-gloss white for trim, and a gallon of primer for this entire house since we bought it. Everything else we got from a place in Omaha called “Under the Sink.” Everyone takes their unused paint there and then you can go and pick out whatever paint you want. Mixing paint works well for me because I’m not really the type to buy 10 different sample sizes of paint to see EXACTLY what shade of gray I want. I’m more of a mix this and that and see what we end up with kind of girl. Knowing the color wheel and what happens when you add this color to that color helps too. And since it’s free, if it doesn’t work out, I haven’t lost anything! It works out really well for us! And did I mention, we’ve painted the entire interior of our 3 bedroom house for almost free? Can’t beat free. 😉

I guess I figure, it’s just paint… What’s the worst that can happen?? :)”

Painting Pillows??

I had someone ask about my striped pillows that you kinda saw in the background of this post.


How to Paint Pillows - by


They’re actually painted!  Spray painted that is….



How to Paint Pillows - by

First I cut the squares of fabric the size I needed to make the pillows…

How to Paint Pillows - by

Then I taped off random stripes with painter’s tape…



How to Paint Pillows - by

Then I spray painted them with this paint…

How to Paint Pillows - by

Then I removed the tape and sewed them into pillows.  I used this tutorial by Chalkboard Blue.  Super simple!

Now that I have the stencil, I kinda wanna make chevron ones! 🙂


How to Paint Pillows - by

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