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New happenings at the New House Remodel:

So it’s been hopping at the new house since the wood floors were finished…  Here’s what’s up around the new house!



New house Remodel at

The framing inspection cleared yesterday!  Yay for being legal and all that! 😉


New house Remodel at

The peninsula is well on it’s way to becoming a finished reality!  And it’s looking spectacular!



New house Remodel at

*Sidenote:  Every awesome thing you’ve ever heard about a Kreg Jig?  It’s all true. So true!

Color me impressed!!!!



New house Remodel at

Pantry walls are in and even have the car siding installed on one of the exteriors! Whoop whoop!



New house Remodel at

It’s hard to tell from the pictures but I’m super excited about how usable all this pantry space is going to be!

Also… We spent




installing plank ceiling.

Who woulda guessed that installing plank ceiling would make your fingertips hurt so stinking bad!  Yeash!

So with that I’m signing off.  It seriously hurts to type. lol!

More details and fun pictures to follow.

You know… When my fingers recover.

(I’m aware that sounds ridiculous… But this is real.)


Okay…. I may be a *little* obsessed with poufs now…




The downside?

I’m too cheap to buy one…



The upside?

This girl just did a blog post listing places you can buy and DIY tutorials!

(This is the post that did me in.  Now I’ve gotta have a floor pouf. Thanks.)





My favorite?



This Tutorial by Retropolitan using $3.00 IKEA floor mats.  While I don’t have an IKEA nearby, (yet!) I do have a lot of floor mats…  Free after rebate at Menards!!! 😉  I even managed to send in the rebates!  Yay me!


Just as soon as I decide to join in on this escapade, I’ll keep you posted! I kinda sew… But I’m not a seamstress.  So it could be amusing.  😉