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Installing a door = HAPPINESS!

Door install by

Since this adorable munchkin is crawling everywhere, it’s become quite evident that we needed to install a door in the hallway with stairs that go to the basement and outside.

Handsome Man was going to be at Menards, so I mentioned he should look in the bargain door area for an interior door that might fit.

Door install by

And whatdoyaknow they had one!  Exactly what I would have picked.

And *drumroll* it was only 10 bucks people!  That’s what I’m talking’ about!!!

Door install by

 We <3 you Menards.  😉

Door install by

Have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate that Handsome Man is so good at this kind of stuff?  It’s just plain fantastic!

Door install by

Slid right in there and fit nearly perfectly!

Door install by

It’s still not pretty yet as I just finished caulking it.

But TODAY I think I’ll paint it!

Door install by

And it will be gorgeous!

It really does finish off the space!

And best of all, I can keep the munchkin away from the tools.

She really makes a beeline for tools.  Especially sharp ones.  Yeash!

It’s like she takes after her parents of something.

Bathroom: Tub Install

After getting all the tile installed, I put in most of the insulation.

Nasty. Nasty stuff.

It’s a wretched job.  But it doesn’t take a lot of skill.  So I did that while Sam did things that took brains.  Like plumbing.

Again, no pictures of the insulation.  Because I did that part.  And pictures of me working rarely surface. 🙂



Next came the tub install.

It would be another 2 months before we also had water in the house for the aforementioned tub.  But still.  🙂



Bathroom Remodel by

I love this picture because Handsome Man looks confused, our boxer, Kaydee looks extremely bored. and I’m giggling behind the camera. 😉

It was at this point that things appeared to be coming together! Sloooooooowly!