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An exciting-new-can’t-keep-the-news-in-any-longer development!

Yes.  It’s true.


And I can’t keep it quiet any more!


We are in fact going to buy another house!!!!!!   WHOOHOO!!!!!


New house at

We close on the 22nd (***Less than two weeks!!!!!***)   and we’ll spend a month or two redoing the worst of it before we move in.



New house at

New hardwood floors are on the list.   Lucky us, it appears the bedrooms upstairs already have hardwood installed.  They just needs to be refinished.

New house at

Also a kitchen remodel. (It’s all original 70’s complete with a sexy built-in avocado green stove)

Floors and kitchen are the things that are hardest to re-do while living in a place so we’d like to check those things off the to-do list before we move in.  Also… Since we will be renting out our current home, March is a much better time to find a renter than January.

New house at

After we move in we can begin to remodel the bathrooms.  And since we have 3 bathrooms in the new house we can easily have one down at a time and use the other 2 in the meantime.  This is the main bathroom and will be re-done first… Since after all, it has carpet.  Carpet.  Caaaaaaarpet.

In the bathroom.

Not a fan of carpet in the bathroom! 🙂

New house at

Mostly I’m looking forward to starting over again.  Only this time we will be making choices  that we really love, not just because it’s the best choice for an investment.  That makes me giddy! 🙂

In the meantime, I’m going to go work on my design plans and supply lists.  I want to have this as WELL thought out and pre-planned as possible as we will be remodeling the kitchen before living in the space first.

EEP! I love this.