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An explanation of the radio silence!

Handsome Man and I are heavily involved with the planning of a kids conference every year.  Nebraska has an annual homeschool conference and curriculum fair for parents to attend that the can listen to various speakers, look at children’s curriculums, and just be encouraged!  While they attend the conference, we take care of 250-325 kids for 2 whole days.  It’s AWESOME!!! Totally my highlight of every year!

This year was called “VALOR.” The drama was a fictional story based in the 1940’s during WW2.



The costumes, the theme, the music…. It was just SO. MUCH. FUN!

Can’t wait to show more as others share about the weekend!


Posting should resume as normal tomorrow! 🙂

I am SO looking forward to being back!


Update:  The Wissmann Family posted various pictures of the drama AND just general-NCHEA-fun-happenings for VALOR – Kid’s Conference 2013!  🙂