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Finally!!!!  THE FINAL REVEAL!


Bathroom Remodel by






What started as THIS….








Ended up like THIS:

Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by



Bathroom Remodel by




So here’s the run-down of my to-do list.

*Tear out all old lathe & plaster

*Tear out wall between closet and bathroom making them one larger room

*Re-install new plumbing

*Re-install new electric

*Tile the floor

*Install new shower/tub

*Install drywall

*Have drywall guy finish the mudding

*Paint walls

*Find vanity & paint it

*Build shelves on sides

*Tile backsplash with gorgeous square glass tiles

*Paint side shelves

*Install hardware (towel holder, toothbrush & toothpaste holder, etc…)

*Install industrial shelving in nook between exposed brick chimney and wall

*Install “wonderwall” like Lettered Cottage’s behind toilet

*Install a towel hanger/crate shelving on wall opposite the shower

*Hang bamboo shades

*Sew curtains that play nicely with shades

*Install floorboards

*Paint all trim

*Install threshold between wood floors in hallway and tile in bathroom


Yes… You’ll notice those last three aren’t crossed off yet….   Those are still on my to-to list. 😉

They joys of doing most everything by oneself.  (And by oneself, I mostly mean Handsome Man.  Because cutting floorboards does take a fair amount of exactness.  And while I can do it, we know that caulking becomes my best friend.  And I just prefer Handsome Man do it! 😉 )




Regardless….   I loooooove my bathroom!!! 🙂






Bathroom Remodel by


Bathroom: Window Treatments

I already had bamboo shades on my bathroom window, but I wanted something simple that would play nicely with the shade.


Bathroom Remodel by

I am so not a seamstress… I can however, manage to sew a straight straight-ish line! 😉



Bathroom Remodel by

Sewed on a few buttons….

Bathroom Remodel by

I did this clever fold to make it look like it was overlapping…

Bathroom Remodel by

Used a few safety pins…

And wah-lah!



Bathroom: Yet Another Shelf??!

This is another one of those favorite-parts-of-my-bathroom!


Bathroom Remodel by

One side holds a basket of odds and ends… the other side holds all our toilet paper.

Obviously I need to go shopping.  We’re down to one roll. Not good.

Bathroom Remodel by

I love that this holds all our towels on the backside of the wall at one end of the shower.  It’s just within reach, so I don’t need to tromp water all over the bathroom if I forgot to grab a towel before jumping in the shower.

My dad and brothers are water trompers. Drives. Me. Crazy.

It never failed… I’d walk into the bathroom with clean socks and…


I’d step in water.

Pet peeve.

And I can say all this about them because I’m pretty sure none of them read my blog.

And if they do….

Guys, there’s still time. You’re not old dogs.  Learn a new trick.

Stop water-tromping.

Bathroom Remodel by


Love this light fixture too!

5 bucks and some spray paint, baby!

And Handsome Man bought me an Edison bulb for it.

That man knows the way to my heart. <3

Bathroom: Shelves behind Toilet

So when we bought our house, I desperately wanted to do a wall like this one from the Lettered Cottage.



FANTASTIC wall!!!  Initially I wanted to do it on the wall in the living room that you first see when you walk in the door.

Handsome Man didn’t think it was a good idea.  Something about too many plumbing lines, electric, and heat ducts? Whatever.

Anyway… I opted for a much smaller version in my bathroom!

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comHello behind-toilet-wall!

First I added a distressed 2×6 to close in that awkward gap between the wall and the chimney.  Yay for Handsome Man knowing how to screw into solid brick!

He’s cute AND functional!!!

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comBathroom Remodel by

Gross huh?

This is the downside to screwing into brick.  Especially above the toilet paper holder.

Bathroom Remodel by

I used scrap 2×6’s for the frame and these hardwood flooring samples for the backside to look like planks.

Bathroom Remodel by

Personally, I think the idea of using the flooring samples is genius.

Who thought of doing that anyway???

Oh right… That was me! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

All said and done, this is what she looks like.

Bathroom Remodel by

I have all the things that make my heart go pitter-patter on this wall.

Bathroom Remodel by

Shells and coral from our honeymoon trip to Cancun and a family trip to Puerto Rico…

Bathroom Remodel by

The big conch shell was from Florida…

Bathroom Remodel by

Some pretty books….

Yeah…. I LOVE this part of my bathroom!

Not a whole Wonderwall like the Lettered Cottage’s….  But enough to make me very happy!

Bathroom: Industrial Shelves

So we had this awkward space between the wall and the exposed brick chimney…  It was about 18 inches wide or so.


Incidentally, about this time, Handsome Man took a welding class at the local community college.


I begged him offered him the opportunity to build brackets as practice at class.  Convenient, no? 😉



Bathroom Remodel by

The brackets are slick and classy looking when paired with the nice glass shelves that I already had on hand.

Bathroom Remodel by

I’m pretty sure Handsome Man looks the hottest when he’s helping me with a project.  Funny how that works! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comFirst, he screwed in the 6 brackets…

Bathroom Remodel by

Isn’t the smartphone an amazing invention???!

The level app = Genius 😉

Because really… Can you ever find the level when you really need it?

Bathroom Remodel by

Then we simply added the glass shelves…

Filled the baskets with all my bathroom chaos as shown in the previous post…

And rolled up the towels for the bottom shelf.

Bathroom Remodel by

I even use a stainless steel trash can for my laundry hamper!

Wouldn’t work for everyone, but it totally works in my bathroom! <3

Bathroom: The Repurposed Vanity – Part 3

Have I mentioned that this bathroom is my favorite room in the house??  You’ll start to see why!


Bathroom Remodel by

After tiling, we hung the mirror… No one the wiser to our sneaky little cost effective trick…


Bathroom Remodel by www.DIYinRealLife.comNext came the caulking and painting.  I did the standard 1 coat of primer, 2 coats semi-gloss white topcoat.

ccbathroomduringvanity25 copy

Keep in mind, when you use plywood, you’ll get a fair amount of woodgrain showing despite painting it. I wanted that look, but if you don’t I suggest you use something else.

Again with the junk?!?!?  I swear the stuff multiplies!!

In my defense, most of it ended up in baskets on the shelves! 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

I bought this ugly brass light fixture for like $5 and bought new lightbulb covers from Menards!  I love them!

Wait… Are they called covers?

Globes?  No…. Globes sounds rather 80’s-ish.

Let me look Google it. Now it’s bothering me.  Hang on……

Shades.  They’re called shades.  That’s odd.  I didn’t think to call them that.  It doesn’t sound right.  A shade is like a lamp shade!  It’s traditionally cloth.  And solid colored.  Not glass.

Whatever.  I like the shades.

Bathroom Remodel by

Such a beauty!  Whowoulda guessed she could look like this after being such a ratty old girl??

Bathroom Remodel by

Still need to get better baskets, but I had these on hand already and they do a good job of holding my stuff for now.

Bathroom Remodel by

Kinda love my first aid box…. Can you guess which one holds all the band-aids and Neosporin?? 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

Did you notice my awesome towel holder???

Personally, I think I’m terribly creative.

And humble.  I’m obviously humble too.

Bathroom Remodel by

It swings back and forth, has an awesome untouched patina.  (That’s code for, I didn’t paint it! It’s perfect as-is!)

Sam got it from his grandpa’s auction a few years back and I was THRILLED to find the perfect place to showcase it!

I love it so much more than a cheap towel ring we could have gotten from Menards!

Bathroom Remodel by

On the other side, we hung a mason jar from a large hose clamp that I spray painted the same looking patina as the other hardware.  Also… I hung this thing.  I have NO idea what it is.  It also came from Handsome Man’s Grandpa’s auction.  I love it.  I hang my washcloth from it.

(I also just accidentally typed warsh instead of wash.  Apparently the fact that Handsome Man’s grandpa lives in Missouri is rubbing off on me! 😉  )

Bathroom: The Repurposed Vanity – Part 2

After building the side open shelving, I wanted to put glass tile from the vanity all the way to the ceiling.  (Again, scandalously mimicking The Lettered Cottage’s bathroom.)



Bathroom Remodel by

We got this glass tile at Menards on sale, baby!  It makes me very very happy.

Bathroom Remodel by

While glass tile is typically pricier than other tile options, we were okay with that because we were not tiling the whole space.  *hint: we just tiled around the edges.  If you removed the mirror, you would find purple drywall.  Shhh!!!*

Bathroom Remodel by

Because we merely tiled the edges, it was very inexpensive to do this project…

Easier to complete…

And provides a lotta “WOW punch” for the amount of cost included!

Bathroom Remodel by

Again… This concept was brilliantly thought of by The Lettered Cottage.  Credit where credit is due here people.

Bathroom Remodel by

All I want to know is how did SO. MUCH. JUNK. manage to find it’s way into my open shelves?!?!?!   We had literally JUST built the things!!! Yeash!

Bathroom Remodel by

Dontcha love this tile!??!?   More pics coming in the next post showing it up close and in better light!

We always seem to do these projects after dark.  Like at midnight.

Occupational hazard to marrying a NIGHT OWL I guess! 😉

Bathroom: The Repurposed Vanity – Part 1

Initially, my vanity inspiration was this bathroom by The Lettered Cottage.

A beautiful room… I wanted to replicate that vanity so badly!!

Bathroom Remodel by

This is actually one of my original crude sketches of what I was thinking.  I love my finished product a lot better than this! 😉

My first stroke of luck was when Handsome Man’s mom and dad saw this ratty old buffet in a pile of junk by the street that someone was getting rid of.  Again… No before pics.  I. Am. Kicking. Myself.

It was horrible.  The top was warped and pulling up in places…  It was wretchedly grungy… and in desperate need for some luvin’!

I brought it home…

Cleaned it up…

Removed the warped top…

Cut a few inches off the feet to make it vanity level…

And painted the livin’ daylights out of it!

Bathroom Remodel by

After distressing it a bit, I ended up with this pretty lady!

Bathroom Remodel by

After adding 1x’s for the new top & staining and sealing them, we installed the sink.

The sink was actually on sale at Menards and I love her so much!  The granite is so pretty!

Bathroom Remodel by

Next, it was time to add those built-in shelves I love so much!

Entrance: Handsome Man.

Bathroom Remodel by

Because building shelves requires exactness.  And Handsome Man excels at exactness.

Bathroom Remodel by

We used 1/2 in plywood for the majority of these shelves…

Bathroom Remodel by

I have a serious crush on air nail guns.  If you don’t have one, get one.  Or two.  Your choice. 😉

Bathroom Remodel by

Handsome Man built them on the floor first, then we set them up where they belonged after they were done.

Bathroom Remodel by

Being the king of ingenuity, Handsome Man came up with this clever way to get the shelves nailed in straight and all the same hight.  We had these pieces of glass that were the perfect size.  He put 2 on the bottom of the shelves in the shape of a V, and simply set the next shelf on top of them.  After nailing that shelf in, he proceeded to the next shelf.  I thought it was simply brilliant! He impresses me!  🙂

Bathroom Remodel by

I missed photographing a step, of course.  Lifting the shelves into place.  The reason being, it took ALL of both of us to get them up there!  Each one was heavy!!

Bathroom Remodel by

Then it was just a matter of screwing them into the studs.

Next project… Tile the backsplash!!! Whoop whoop!




Bathroom: Drywall

Next came the drywall.  Handsome Man was a total rockstar getting this all installed.  I realllllllllly don’t like drywall ’cause you have to be exact and through and stuff.  I don’t do well with exact.


Bathroom Remodel by

We used the water resistant drywall, hence the purple color.  No, we did not end up with a purple bathroom.  🙂



Bathroom Remodel by

You know the usual drywall stuff.


Measure again.

Score with a knife.

Bend it to break.

You should hear about the time I drywalled with a butter knife.

It was special.

Bathroom Remodel by

We (and by we I mean mostly Handsome Man) put up all the drywall but we hired a drywall guy to finish with the mudding.  Because we’re all into saving $$$ by DIY’ing, but let’s be honest… Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional who will get something done better and quicker. Not to mention the thought of inhaling more drywall dust was not appealing.  😉

Bathroom: Tub Install

After getting all the tile installed, I put in most of the insulation.

Nasty. Nasty stuff.

It’s a wretched job.  But it doesn’t take a lot of skill.  So I did that while Sam did things that took brains.  Like plumbing.

Again, no pictures of the insulation.  Because I did that part.  And pictures of me working rarely surface. 🙂



Next came the tub install.

It would be another 2 months before we also had water in the house for the aforementioned tub.  But still.  🙂



Bathroom Remodel by

I love this picture because Handsome Man looks confused, our boxer, Kaydee looks extremely bored. and I’m giggling behind the camera. 😉

It was at this point that things appeared to be coming together! Sloooooooowly!

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