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Another part of me is Master’s Hand Candle Co. & Gift Shop!

About 4 years ago, my mom and I opened the storefront in Tekamah, Nebraska.  After marrying Handsome Man, I moved to Lincoln and she has been running it ever since.   And admittedly it’s a little depressing because she’s not only surviving since I left, she’s THRIVING!!  I console myself with the fact that she had 6 new employees hired after I left.  I’ll just assume it took 6 people to replace me!!! lol!!


Anyway… a few times a year, I go up to help rearrange the shop for the next season.  Because of that, I’m constantly on the lookout for cute retail display ideas.  When Mom and I went to market, I took lots of pictures.  These are some of my favorite displays and why I love them.


The window backdrop… the all-white Christmas….The old wooden buffet….   Adore how it all works together so beautifully!


LOVE this built-in cottage shanty!  Would LOVE to build one of these in the corner of our shop for the antiques.  Keep it all together in one very adorable spot!


Simple but so. stinking. cool!    Brilliant.

Some frosted glass spray….  a few plastic snowflakes…


Put the snowflakes on the glass, and spray over it.  Remove the snowflakes and taaa-daaa!  Love!


This simply made me laugh!   🙂


Love the use of displaying Christmas ornaments on garlands!


Big bowls or platters with monochromatic ornaments…. They were SO pretty!!


Check out the riser.  It would be so easy to make!  1x’s covered with cedar shakes and painted white.  Love!


This is a crummy picture….  But what a difference 12 inches makes!  That table and whole display is on a 12 in riser.  I brings everything just that much closer to eye level and it was a great shopping height.


You can’t tell as well in pictures… But all those wires from the ceiling are actually super long icicle lights.  We used them for our wedding and they were s.t.u.n.n.i.n.g.

They crammed 5 trees together… Did each tree in a different yet sparkly color… and had those lovely drippy lights coming down from the ceiling and throughout the trees.  Pretty!!!


They made an arch that began and ended in great big urns.  This one was loaded with grape lights and tons of winery ornaments.  Pretty awesome in person!


This one you’ve got to see to get the full effect.  It was 3 sizes of wreaths stacked one on top of the other. (Looked like an upside down pyramid when it was hanging)   So pretty and if you hang it within arms reach, it would be a great way to retail ornaments without putting them on the usual tree.


Again…. The corner garlands were a great way to retail ornaments.


How about a switch into spring displays for a sec? So we all know I’m a sucker for branches… But what a great way to retail those happy flowers!


Back to Christmas….  They backed all their poinsettias on this tree with loops of ribbon.  It really made the flowers pop!


This is one half the tree…..


This was the other half…   They were separated by a door.  It enabled them to decorate 1 tree with 2 different styles/colors.  So freaking cool!


Another example….  As you can see… A door changes everything!!!!


Interesting….  A good way to effectively display a lot of jewelry…  Wouldn’t want to do a whole wall like this…. But in smaller quantities….  Hmmmm…


Pretty much drooling over this cupboard.  The color…. the chippy-ness….  Adore.



And that sums up our trip last March to the Minneapolis Market.


Of course I didn’t elaborate on the whole backing up into another car thing….   Totally my fault.  Didn’t do anything to our vehicles.  Scared me to death.  And he was like the nicest guy ever.  Still don’t want to talk about it.   😉

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