Psh!!! Where have I been anyway??!

Yes… An unintended hiatus has hit my blog.


Firstly… It was nice! SOOOOOO NICE!!!!  The weather felt like Spring *finally* arrived!  We did yard work…. I planted impatients and various perennials in my new flower bed… (More details on that to follow…)  It. was. awesome.

But because this is Nebraska and in Nebraska this year I’m pretty sure Spring is bi-polar… It froze. and snowed.  ON MAY 1ST!!!!!    Okay… So it was funny when it snowed April 1st (April Fool’s Day) last month.  However, it’s NO LONGER FUNNY!!!!  So help me if it snows June 1st too!!!! Haha!  They say it snowed 6 inches of so but thankfully it had been warm enough that only 2 inches stuck.


On the upside, it’s supposed to get warm again!!!



Only in Nebraska can you go from snow one day… Rain the next day… And sunny and a high of 70+ degrees the 3rd day!

Whatever the case… I won’t complain!  BRING on the 70 degree weather!! (Again!)  But so help me… The first person this year that complains about it being too hot is going to get a scathing look from me!!! lol!!!


Also, we spent much of the week flipping one of our rentals.  Handsome Man bought 3 duplexes (6 units total) before we were married.  He bought his first one when he was 19!  Isn’t that awesome? I got so lucky marrying him!  He is wise beyond his years! 🙂  Overall the investments have been great and will be even better when the mortgages are finally paid off! 🙂  He bought all 3 of them pretty rough and has slowly fixed them up over the years.

Sorry!  Had to take a minute there to brag on my guy!!! 🙂


Anyway… one of our tenants moved out and the next tenant moved in 2 days later.  So we had to clean carpets…. scrub walls…


Repainted the red spots on the ceiling…  (How do you even get big red paint splotches on the ceiling anyway?!?!)



And we had to deal with this special little treasure their dog left! lol!

Admittedly we totally didn’t have the time to deal with this particular problem DIY style… We called in the professionals and it looks GREAT!!!! They patched the carpet and just replaced the linoleum.  It looks fantastic.



Anyway…  That’s what I’ve been dealing with lately…  Can’t wait to resume all my projects! So many fun things to report on!

My “free” shelves I built…

The finished painted dressers…

A Nursery update….


Stay tuned!!!!

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