Favorite Pins of the Week….

Another Session of “Favorite Pins of the Week!”





Is this not awesome??!   Someday I want an attic/loft that has lots of guest beds… And to look as cozy as this?  Yum.




Loving this simple DIY tutorial on how to age shiny wire baskets to look like old locker baskets by It All Started With Paint!  Like seriously LOVE!




Brilliant, no??  Loving this and thinking it would be an awesome way to jazz up my curtains without a whole lot of work! 🙂  And they’re just kinda awesome!




Totally digging this super cheap option to a projector!  So until I find a cheap one on a garage sale… Hmmmm!




Turquoise? Polka Dots?   Ummm yes.

Check this out in it’s entirety at Chrissie’s Collections…




Get the same effect as painting the entire wall without being fully committed to the pattern. Although who couldn’t be fully committed to chevron? Seriously.




Great way to cutesify 5-gallon buckets for growing tomatoes.  Yes… SPRING is calling me! 😉




Cool closet idea. Attach rods to side of a bookshelf!  Brilliant.




Just love the wainscoting and everything above! Mwah!




5 Second Rule.

This makes me laugh.  Like a lot. 😉

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    • Nicole
      March 17, 2013 at 8:26 am

      Toootally loved it, Linda!! Looking forward to trying it myself!!!!

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