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Anyone else think these are so simply adorable for fall??!  Yes!  Awesome tutorial by Hello Lidy!

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What an awesome way to involve kids and help them learn to set the table correctly!

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Speaking of involving the kids with chores…  I think this idea is a great trick for kids! Write directions on the front of the basket and let them choose which task they want to do.

This seems like a pretty awesome idea and a subject on my mind as Handsome Man and I just finished reading our first child-training book.  It’s a Love and Logic book.  Intriguing.  We do have some time before we cross this bridge with Emma, but we’re trying to get a head start!

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In short, one of the general ideas is to set perimeters, but offer choices within those perimeters.  For instance with this Pinterest idea, “It’s time to clean the house!  Would you like to choose the bathroom basket or the dusting basket?”  So basically, you are telling them it’s time to clean but offering them a choice as to what they would like to clean.

This idea is somewhat unnatural to me as I tend towards more of a clean-the-bathroom-right-now-because-I-said-so-mom.  I don’t want to be that way though, so I love some of the ideas in this book.  Granted, I hate the concept of having a “blueprint for raising the perfect child” idea because every child is so very different and what works for one totally doesn’t work for the next.  While I don’t agree with everything in the book, this concept does have a lot of ideas that I totally want to implement!

 I don’t like the COMMAND-MOM-do-it-right-now-because-I-said-so extreme

or the

HELICOPTER-MOM-it’s-okay-honey-I-want-you-to-always-be-happy-and-get-whatever-you-want extreme.

I do like how Love and Logic seems to be in the happy middle.

ANYWAY!!!!   RABBIT TRAIL! 🙂  lol!

It’s just on my mind right now because we just finished the book!

BACK to my Pinterest faves!

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Pot filler for coffee station by Details and Design…brilliant!

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Love this chandy!

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Wow. Just wow.

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Great tutorial by the Garden Glove!

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How adorbs is this??  Say it with me…   “Awwwwwwwww!!!!”

PINS of the Week10-19-9{Pinterest}

Okay… So I love how totally dramatic this enormous welcome sign is!  The whole arrangement is simply fantastic!  Great entry by The Wood Grain Cottage!

PINS of the Week10-19-10


Liking this paint technique tutorial by Shabby Creek!  What do I like most about it??  EASY, QUICK, and anything but exact! Ha!

PINS of the Week10-19-11


Pretty sure my smart aleck Handsome Man would totally do this if I asked him to peel half the potatoes!  Haha!!!

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