Pins of the Week…

Yes… It’s been a while since I did one of my Pins of the Week posts…


So without further ado…





Okay… so how fun is this??  Even just for a “playroom” type of thing?

PINS of the Week by 3


This is one of those rooms that makes me happy-sigh.  I love the elegant marble paired with the cozy plank walls. The tile in the shower. The low contrast calming look.  I just love.

PINS of the Week by 4


Speaking of bathrooms and tile… I like the throwback look of the hex tile with the updated look of the use of marble material.  Great choice by Chiot’s Run.

PINS of the Week by 2


Even though I’m not really involved with the storefront any more, my eye is naturally caught by exceptional retail ideas.  This is no exception!  How cool is this clothing display rack?  I mean really? Awesome.

PINS of the Week by 5


And since we’re on a roll with retail inspiration… How is this for an idea from Create and Babble? I can see it being awesome for a couple rows of bracelets? Cool, no?

PINS of the Week by 6


This could almost be called the “kids-room/bathroom/retail inspiration post,” couldn’t it?  I really do love this idea from Perfectly Imperfect!  I can’t wait to see the rest of the room when it’s completed!

PINS of the Week by 7


I think this is a precious idea too by Inner Child Learning!   These story stones are adorable!  Not to mention all the other ideas in this post!

PINS of the Week by 8


Little heavy on the kid’s ideas this week I think! 😉

Great idea from Cup of Jo!

PINS of the Week by 9


Okay… So always a sucker for gray, white, wood, and subway tile!  Awesome kitchen makeover by The Inspired Room.

PINS of the Week by 10


Seriously I laughed and laughed and laughed!

Oh. My.


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