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Is it just me or have allllllllllllll the fitness regimens taken over Pinterest???  January is so very predictable!


Anyway… I did manage to get oodles of good finds this week despite the fact that I didn’t pin any workout moves! 😉


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Saw this. Love this.  Want to do this when I have an actual workshop!

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Like this!!  Create a long corner sofa table to go behind a sectional…

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Love this simple, cozy, idea for winter decorating.  Finger knitting garland by Just a Girl!

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Speaking of finger knitting…  “LOVE” this pillow by Flax and Twine!  Seriously! Something to do with the odds and ends of finger knitted garlands I have up in the closet! 🙂

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Adore this table by Domestic Perfection.  If only I could have more than one dining room table!  Ha!

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I’m currently smitten with bright happy light kitchens.  Also subway tile is lovely!

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Love this tutorial by Pretty Handy Girl for this Chippy Painting Technique!

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Love the wooden stove hood showcased on Remodelista!  Also, the mixed stools are fun!

PINS of the Week by 9


I’m always down with a ‘lil bit of Young House Love… But I adore this room (post grout overhaul).  So light and happy!

And finally… In honor of all the workout stuff that has completely taken over Pinterest after all of Christmas’ overeating…

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Amen sista!

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