Pins of the Week…


PINS of the Week11-02-5


Luvin’ the light beachy feel to this room!



PINS of the Week11-02


I kinda completely love so much about this room…

The oversized names…

The layout of the room with both headboards in the corner with that built-in side table…

The simple boyish decor….

The batten walls…

The light fixture…

The curtains…

Yum.  Just yum.

PINS of the Week11-02-3


I especially like the second picture!  How fun would THAT be??

PINS of the Week11-02-4


Of course I’m smitten with anything white birch.  This photo ladder by Creative Ambitions is no exception!!

PINS of the Week11-02-2


I obviously don’t get out much, because I totally didn’t know this! 🙂



PINS of the Week11-02-6


PINS of the Week11-02-7


In honor of No-Shave November!!  I know this is gross… but I can’t stop laughing!! Hairy stockings!

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