Okay…. I may be a *little* obsessed with poufs now…




The downside?

I’m too cheap to buy one…



The upside?

This girl just did a blog post listing places you can buy and DIY tutorials!

(This is the post that did me in.  Now I’ve gotta have a floor pouf. Thanks.)





My favorite?



This Tutorial by Retropolitan using $3.00 IKEA floor mats.  While I don’t have an IKEA nearby, (yet!) I do have a lot of floor mats…  Free after rebate at Menards!!! 😉  I even managed to send in the rebates!  Yay me!


Just as soon as I decide to join in on this escapade, I’ll keep you posted! I kinda sew… But I’m not a seamstress.  So it could be amusing.  😉

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