Non-alcoholic Mojito Mocktail Recipe

Like I said before…

This is less of a Non-alcoholic Mojito and more of a Mint Limeade.  I just feel so much cooler saying the first one.  😉


Whatever the case, this is delicious and super refreshing!


Mojito Mocktail

Serves 4



1 lime
2 tbsp sugar
1 can sprite
4 c. Water
Crushed mint

Quarter the lime, squeeze the juice into a pitcher and drop each quarter into a glass.  (Yes, it’s just for looks. 😉 )

Add the sugar, sprite, and water. Stir.  (You could also eliminate the sprite and water and just use club soda.  This is just what we had on hand.)

Add a sprig of crushed mint into each glass along with the limes.  As to the crushed mint…  Ideally you’d use a mortar and pestle I suppose, but we didn’t have one.  We just used a cutting board and a rolling pin.  Anything to get it crushed to get the flavor out.  Word to the wise: Don’t chop it into little pieces.  Tried that.  Once. 😉 )

Add ice to glasses and fill with drinks.

For best results, serve with a striped straw.  ENJOY!


This goes good with the Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce on pasta.  I happen to know that first-hand.  😉


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