My Favorite Emily and a Desk Before and After….

Emily is my friend.  I don’t see her NEARLY as much as I’d like…. But let me tell you…  Emily is amazing!  One of my favorite roll-models and one of the people I have the MOST fun with.  I’ve known her for probably 18 or so years out of my 26-year life. And she still likes me!!!! 😉


Anyhoo…. I *love* visiting Emily!  My favorite thing is to work on some project or another while I’m there… Makes for a GREAT excuse to visit.  lol!


A while back this was one of our projects….   Emily blogged about it here…  Loved the re-do for this desk!!!   Be sure to check it out!!!cBeforeAfter



Blog post coming soon on what we worked on LAST time we were down there visiting!!! 🙂

{Update: Here’s the link to that post}

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