Kitchen: Layout Changes…

Okay!  So here’s a rough idea of what our kitchen looked like…


Keep in mind, it’s a ROUGH idea.  It’s not to scale… It’s a quick rendering using various shapes in Pages.


On the upside?  You get crude stick people in some of the layouts!  Yay! 😉



Okay… You’ve been warned, continue at your own risk! 😉



A Kitchen remodel at

Here’s how it originally looked…

You’ll notice there aren’t a lot of cabinets or counter space…  Only along the left-hand wall.

The oven encroached on the already narrow doorway…

And the refrigerator took up an awkward amount of space on the right-hand wall.

Nothing was efficient or cohesive.



A Kitchen remodel at

And of course, to make things worse, you had to go through not one, but 2 narrow doorways to get to the kitchen.

Narrow door #1 into the hallway… Narrow door #2 into the kitchen… Sidestep the oven… And finally you’d be in the kitchen!

(You’ll observe the sad faced stick man. 🙁 )





A Kitchen remodel at

And so…. We opted for a more galley kitchen layout.  The additional cupboards and their storage are fantastic!  I really do have a lot of storage room for the amount of space we have!

Step one was tearing down the whole wall on the frontside of these layouts.  Floor to ceiling.

It TOTALLY opened things up between the dining room and the kitchen allowing for an enormously open floor plan.  No more hiding the dish-filled kitchen!  I have to WASH those dishes now if I want people to think I have a clean house!

That’s okay with me though…  I’ll take that trade-off!


A Kitchen remodel at

This layout made it so much simpler to get from the dining room to the kitchen!  Bypass that hallway altogether and just have an awesomely open floor plan!

(Hello happy-faced stick man! 🙂 )


A Kitchen remodel at

This is what the layout looked like on the right-hand side.  Tons of cupboard space and I LOVE how it gave the kitchen a custom cupboard look with the refrigerator and stove built in with the cupboards.

A Kitchen remodel at

This is what the left-hand side looks like with the exception that one set of drawers got moved over to the right side of the sink base cabinet and the other set of drawers became a cupboard/single drawer cabinet.

You cannot even imagine how much I now love this kitchen layout!

 It’s so.




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