Kitchen: Demo

As I was going back through old pictures, I realized I hadn’t shown you all the process that brought our kitchen from abandoned-forclosure-house to what we know and love as home.


It was in really rough shape…  The fact that all the pipes in the house had frozen in burst meant that we had to totally gut the bathroom and kitchen.  While we knew we were in for a lot of work, it turned out so much better than if they hadn’t caused such a mess!  It forced us to start from scratch and we got the house for a great deal because of it!  Yay for good deals – especially ones that become your home!  🙂



Refinishing a kitchen floor at

First things first – The demo part of things!  Who knew a hoe would be the tool of choice whilst ripping out dorky square ceiling tiles??

A Kitchen remodel at

Imagine my excitement when Handsome Man found a fantastic brick chimney behind all that lathe and plaster!!!

A Kitchen remodel at

You’ll notice I’m excitedly ripping out the lathe and plaster…. Shortly after this I’m pretty sure I was kissing the chimney.  I love exposed brick.  It’s as simple as that.

A Kitchen remodel at

Amazing how much junk and mess one gets into when ripping into lathe and plaster.  Seriously.

Can’t wait to show you what the previous layout looked like and how we totally changed our kitchen!  (AKA: Which walls came down! 🙂  )

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