How to work with faux fur

Yes… I covered something with faux fur.  Maybe it doesn’t make any sense?  Maybe it’s not even in style?


I don’t care!  It’s quirky.  And fun.  And it makes me smile!!!


Simple Secrets to working with faux fur -

And as quirky as faux fur is, it’s just as quirky to work with!  If you don’t follow these simple tips, you. will. have. fur. everywhere.



So I have this hope chest that Mom gave my when I was like 17 or so.  It’s handmade by a guy in Falls City who makes these amazing cedar chests.  It smells so good!!

Unfortunately, Kaydee (My rather large boxer) did a number on the top and something needed to be done.


Entrance: Faux Fur



Okay… Let’s get started!  Never cut fur with a scissors.  That’s rule number one, Jack!


Simple Secrets to working with faux fur -

Instead, use a razor or X-acto knife.  I used the latter.  Simply flip the fur over and cut the backing.  Don’t cut too hard or you’ll end up with that “shaved” look and a crazy furry mess.



Also….Make sure your fur is running the correct direction!  I forgot that step and got verrrrrrry lucky!  I did happen to have it in the right direction, but almost suffered a heart attack when I happened to think of it mid-way through cutting!  *WHEW!*



Simple Secrets to working with faux fur -

Excuse the blurry photo… It’s all I had for this step in the process.    I simply covered the top of this hope chest like you would recover any chair seat.  This tutorial by Southern Hospitality is a good explanation! Although I just used a hand stapler as opposed to a air stapler.



Simple Secrets to working with faux fur -

A little fur… A few staples… And WAH-LAH!  Quirkyness!  Makes me smile!



Simple Secrets to working with faux fur -

It’s also perfect for storing all my blankets in. Since it’s a cedar chest (Thanks for giving this chest to me all those years ago, Mom!!!) it makes them smell goooooood!




Now I didn’t sew this fur as I was just covering the top of my chest.  (Wow.  That might bring me up on some awkward Google searches.)

But if you are sewing it, brush the fur in the opposite direction and put the 2 edges together like usual and sew them.  If any fur happens to get caught in the seam it can usually be brushed out with a comb.


Above all, if covering a hope chest top with fur is what makes you smile, then go for it!!!  There’s nothing better than a home full of things that make you happy!



Simple Secrets to working with faux fur -

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