Guess what caaaaaaaame today??! Cabinet hardware, baby!



DIY in Real

Just placed an order with D. Lawless…

I’ve never ordered from them but so far so good!!!  I’ve always heard great things about them from other bloggers, but had never even visited their website.

Last week I did.  That was mistake #1 the best choice I ever made!  My kitchen cabinets are going to love me when I put on their new jewelry!

D. Lawless has TONS of pulls, handles, and knobs for really really great prices!!!


DIY in Real

For instance… These cup pulls?  (My favorite style of cabinet hardware)

They are from Williams-Sonoma and are originally $19.87.  I did not pay that, of course.  I am admittedly WAY to cheap for that! 😉

I paid $4.10 each.

Can I get an OH YEAH?!?!?!

That’s an awesome price for cup pulls let alone ones that are so nice and solid!  I’m totally in love!  They’re a brushed satin silver finish and they’re the perfect blend of brushed satin so they won’t show finger prints as much, yet slightly shiny enough to add some bling to ‘ma kitchen! 😉

The knobs are also the brushed satin silver and I also scored those for a mere $2.00 each.


Can’t wait to get these babies onto their new homes!!! 😉

Yup.  Love.

I was in no way compensated by D. Lawless for this post…  

However if they’d like to, I’d be all for that!!! 

4 Comments on Guess what caaaaaaaame today??! Cabinet hardware, baby!

  1. Derrick Lawless
    March 18, 2013 at 12:05 pm

    Maybe something can be worked out! We’d love to see pictures of the cabinets when they are done for our Facebook/Pinterest/Customer Projects.

    Let me know ( if you need anything else in the future, we’ve been known to toss out free hardware for great promotions like this.

    • Nicole
      March 18, 2013 at 3:11 pm

      Haha!!!! You’re D. Lawless?!?!? Now I’m blushing at that last part! Never thought you’d read MY post!!! Hahaha!!!

      I do love them though! Half are installed and will definitely share pictures when they’re finished!!!! Hopefully SOON! 🙂

      • Derrick Lawless
        March 20, 2013 at 3:28 pm

        I am ONE of the D. Lawless’. My father started and runs the business. I am one of the sons (both D’s) and I handle the marketing (among other things).

        Can’t wait for the pictures! I’ll link back to you when it’s all finished up.

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