Favorite Pins of the Week…

Okay…. At the end of the week, I’d like to start posting my favorite pins of the week.

Because I love Pinterest… (I’m not addicted!)

and because I get the BEST inspirations (And laughs) from it and I’d like to share those with YOU!


Listed in no particular order:





I’ve been mulling the idea of indoor shutters around in my brain for a while…  Then when I saw this Tutorial by Remodelaholic, it suddenly hit me!

Why not do shutters in the breakfast nook area?!?!?   

Still need to measure and continue mulling it in my brain, but right now… It looks AWESOME in my head!!!! 🙂



Mkay.   Maybe I’m the only one here, but…  I totally had a, *smack-head* “Well DUH!  Of COURSE!  That’s brilliant!” moment!  Why didn’t I ever think of this?  Talk about an easy way to spray paint drawers and avoid overspray.



Kinda loving this paint job.  A lot.  Just another reason why I think I might need to start checking out this Anne Sloan Chalk Paint craze that everyone is talking about. 🙂



Stairs up to the attic AND storage shelving?  Does is get any smarter than that?



Totally digging so much about this office.

The T shaped layout is so crazy-functional…

The built-in-ness of it I LOVE…

It’s so stinkin’ efficient…

And of course the styling gets me too.  Open shelving, baskets, yet plenty of closed cabinets.  Be still my heart!



Love. This. Kitchen.

Need I say more???



Yuuuuuuuummy color combination!  Like it!  A lot!



Yup. I like this a lot!

Totally unique and slightly industrial?





What a way to finish this off!

Why, oh WHY, does this grumpy cat make me giggle so much?

Depressing.  Yet funny! 😉

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