Favorite Pins of the Week…

So… I never knew having a baby around would result in so many quotables from Handsome Man.  I guess I should have assumed that since pregnancy resulted in a fair number of them.  My favorite being,

“Me: It’s kinda nice… I don’t really feel like I have body image issues yet… I mean, I don’t really feel super fat, just pregnant.

Handsome Man: Really? ‘Cause if I looked like that, I’d feel fat.”

The odd thing? He was actually trying to compliment me!  Haha!!  Almost as good as several years ago when my cousin told me his sisters were built like sports cars and I was built more like a tank.  He was totally complimenting me too! And I’ve neeeever let him forget that comment!!! 😉  Poor guy!


But my favorite baby quotables from Handsome Man are:

“This is AWESOME!  Now I get to kiss TWO girls every morning!!!”  

Wait!  Whaaaaat?


“You know, she looks so much like you when she’s mad!”

Thanks Hon.  You’re sweet.




Anyway… How about a few awesome inspirations for the weekend??  Get ready for my Favorite Pins of the Week!!!

PINS of the Week







There’s just so much I love about this room!  First of all, the rug?!?!?  DROOL!

Then there’s the happy turquoise wall, which is an awesome color color as it’s happy, yet muted enough to be sophisticated!

And the choice of pattern mixes are awesome!



Love this idea for a pantry…  You know how I feel about doors like that… and it would be awesome to build something like that if you had the space on an otherwise blank wall.  You’d only loose 12 inches of depth or so and gain a whole lot of storage!



How’s this for an easy non-wreathy wreath?  Fun for a summertime door, no?  This is the source, but I can’t tell you anything about it ’cause it’s in Turkish!  Whaaaat?  I’m gonna guess pool noodle wrapped in burlap wrapped in rope wrapped with strips of white cloth and words stenciled on the top! 😉



This just seems like such a pretty and elegant way to do “place cards!”  And inexpensive too!! Oh So Beautiful Paper showcased these!



Yes… I am a TOTAL sucker for anything from the Lettered Cottage!  This concept is pure genius though!



This is for my next house… Where we’ll have a garage!  A garage is definitely a nonnegotiable next time!  Gotta have one!!!  Loving this organizational idea from Shanty 2 Chic!


We’re getting closer to Fall so I’m starting to see more along those lines popping up on Pinterest!  This is kind of an adorable idea from Fun Home Things!



Girl in Air did a tutorial on how to make those glass insulator pendant lights! I think 3 of these would be way cool hanging above an island or bar!



Well, this is kinda C-R-A-Z-Y cool!!!  Want to do this now!  DebbieDoo did a really great tutorial!


Aaaaaand now you know!!! 😉

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