Favorite Pins of the Week…

Little Miss Emma has been sleeping better lately, which means less Pinterest browsing while up with her in the wee hours of the night!  Yay for sleep!!!

Nevertheless…. There are plenty of good Pinterest finds this week!


Speaking of Emma, we’ll kick it off with a picture of her and an inspiration idea for her as well!




Cutest little thing ever!!!  Just when I thought she couldn’t be any cuter, she started smiling at us this week! Melts. My. Heart!!!



Gotta love Etsy for inspiration…. Wanna re-create this for Emma! It’s so hot out making socks or shoes nearly impossible… And they’re just so stinkin’ cute!!!



This is such a pretty way to have something so awesomely functional! GREAT inspiration by Growing the Home Garden!  I so want to do this now!!!



How’s this for a clever organizational idea??



Isn’t this SUCH a pretty way to wrap presents??!  There are several great ideas in this post by Whipperberry!



This isn’t a DIY, but I just couldn’t resist showing it off…. Not really a “pink” girl, but this is GORGEOUS! That chiffon is so soft and pretty!!



Isn’t this window valance ridiculously cute?!?!



Speaking of window coverings…  Check out this tutorial on How to Create a Valance from a Pillow Case by Beneath My Heart.



These are such fun statement pieces!  So adorable!!



This is highly genius!  Wanna do this for the bedside table in our room!  Awesome DIY project by Dagmar’s Home.



Raised planter box along fence that doubles as a bench.  Love this awesome example of working useful things into the landscape and blending functional AND pretty!


Fantastic way to dress up boring pillar candles for next to nothing!  Brilliant idea by Knock It Off Crafts!


DIY Swimming Pools.

I seriously can’t stop giggling at this. So. Funny. 🙂

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