Favorite Pins of the Week….

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these…. So Let’s kick off my return to blogging after nearly a week of dropping off the face of the blogging earth with an edition of “Favorite Pins of the Week!” 🙂





The Sunset Lane did a major overhaul on their bathroom!  Love the end result, but what really made me stop and say “wow” was the batten walls!  The different heights?  I don’t think I’ve seen that before and I love it!



Life Thru a Linds did a tutorial on their media center overhaul!  I love!  The idea of using shelves…  Chain shelves no less…  Mmmm!  Love!



Since I have a thing for bowls or vases of orbs, this one totally tickles my fancy!  I especially like the twine wrapped ones!  Six Sisters Stuff did a tutorial…  Next week project??!



Just luuuuuving this quote.  🙂



Not sure what I adore more…. The use of a sofa table?  The happy color of aforementioned sofa table? The lamps? The shelf underneath all organized with wire baskets?  Whatever the case… Sarah M. Dorsey Designs NAILED it and be. still. my. heart.  🙂



Ummm….. Can anyone say BRILLIANT??



Totally looks better than pictures hanging w/ magnets – use dollar store frames, paint them and put magnets on the back.  Nice!!!  Tutorial by A Diamond in the Stuff.



Offbeat Home and Life posted 7 tips for growing mad basil…  There is something you must know about me.


I want to grow lots of it this year.  This post should totally help!  Mmmm!!!



Mmmmm!!!!  Speaking of YUM!  Totally wanna try this summer!!!  Recipe by Photo has this incredibly tasty looking desert! Grilled Nectarine Bowls!  Never would have thought to grill this!!!  But. YUM!



And this?  Well this just makes me laugh!  A lot.  🙂

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