Christmas 2013: Cute yet Inexpensive Christmas Wrap

So…. I started something novel this year.


Something new.



Something fun.



Something I’ve never done in my entire life.  (Not joking)




Yes people.  I am in fact wrapping my presents BEFORE Christmas-Eve-late-at-night-after-everyone-is-in-bed Christmas Eve.



Adorable Christmas Wrap by

I know… I know…. How embarrassing is that??

Adorable Christmas Wrap by

But I’m not gonna lie… It’s kinda fun! 🙂

And I feel totally prepared!

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not going to be one of those people who gets her Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving anytime soon… But…


Adorable Christmas Wrap by

I’m going simple/inexpensive wrapping… But it’s oh-so cute!!!


I just got THIS kraft paper from…  It’s enough to wrap presents for maaaaaaany years.


And THIS bakers twine… Also from  (Thank you free shipping Amazon Prime)  Also enough there to last fooooorever!

I also had a few of these jingle bell/evergreen garlands that I cut up and added to the gift tops. Cute!

Adorable Christmas Wrap by

Now to wait till Christmas to open them!

And to keep THIS scooting munchkin away from them!

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